Photo Pages - "Blackledges in America" - Second Edition

The First Edition of Blackledges in America was published in Nov 2002. The photographs and images published in the 900 page book totaled fewer than one hundred.  During the research and compilations leading toward the Second Edition, many contributors provided additional photos and scanned document images.  For the Second Edition, many of these are displayed separately from the text, on "Photo Pages."

Photo Pages provide identified collections of family portraits and research images.  They will appear in the Second Edition following each descendancy chapter as separate pages, unnumbered and unmarked for the Index.  The photos that appeared in the First Edition will also be displayed within the text of the Second, along with a select few others.  Some of the photographs embedded in the narrative will also be displayed on Photo Pages.

Prior to publication of the Second Edition, the photos are available for viewing on this web site.  The following tables provide links to web-based Photo Page equivalents for the Second Edition chapters.

Chapter 4:   Phillip and Descendants
Page Link
Description and Primary Contributors
Photo Page 1
Blackledges & Alexanders of Rushville, IN  [submitted by Myra Jo Pavey;  and by Jessie June Staida Steward, via her daughter-in-law Chris]
Photo Page 2
Blacklidge family;  Mohler-Blacklidge families  [submitted by David W. Blackledge; and by Doris Marie Bushong Janes Spurling via Rebecca Bushong]; Blacklidge-Thomason family;  [submitted by Badiema Waldrep]
Photo Page 3
 The Eugene Stanford - Ella Blacklidge Family   [submitted by Cora Stanford Taylor]

Chapter 5:   William and Descendants
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Description and Primary Contributor(s)
Photo Page 1
Nadine Blackledge and Owen Sumner Blackledge Family  [submitted by Leland D. Blackledge]
Photo Page 2
Anna Blackledge; Emma Zeta Blackledge; and families  [submitted by Ernest Thompson]
Photo Page 3
more on Eul and Letha Blackledge family;  [submitted by Charlotte Nadine Blackledge Broderick ]
Photo Page 4
Elizabeth Harlan & daughters; Lucinda Jane Blackledge (Clapper) family; Rev. James P. Blackledge family  [submitted by Mary Lamp, Rosalie Cupp, Zoe Kugler]
Photo Page 5
Lewis (H.) Blackledge family [submitted by Phyllis Pearson; see also Photo Page 10];  family of Allan Douglas Blackledge and Dorothy Marita Blackledge; [submitted by their children]
Photo Page 6
Melvin's family [submitted by Shirley Rieben];
Photo Page 7
Robert Blackledge family;  John Alden Blackledge family  [submitted by Mary Ann (Ryza) Blackledge]
Photo Page 8
Lydia Alta Blackledge;  Hiram Blackledge and Ruth Ann Pickett [descendant photos submitted by Älta Christopher]
Photo Page 9 Thomas H. Blackledge (in San Diego Police Dept)[submitted by Roy Blackledge of the Scranton Blackledges]
Photo Page 10 Lewis (H.) Blackledge family, featuring family of Gertrude Adaline Blackledge [submitted by Margaret Pearson; adds to family as pictured in Photo Page 5]

Chapter 6:   Zachariah and Descendants
Page Link
Description and Primary Contributors
Photo Page 1
James Cleveland "Cleve" Blackledge [see also Photo Page 5 for this family.]  [submitted by Mae Ishee]
Photo Page 2
Rena Blackledge; Ruby Detress Broadhead;  Broadhead siblings and spouses  [submitted via Linda Grace Talbot]
Photo Page 3
Daniel W. Blackledge family;  Sidney Eugene Blackledge family  [submitted by Dan W. Blackledge and Carl Blackledge Sr.]
Photo Page 4 Salata "Lizzie" Blackledge family  [small photos submitted by Irma Braezeale via Linda Grace Talbot]   Maudie Blackledge;  Willie Dee Blackledge family
Photo Page 5 James Cleveland "Cleve" Blackledge;  Anita Blackledge Cleckler;  Rasberry Blackledge;  Elberry Blackledge; Cleckler family   [submitted by John C. Cleckler]  [see also Photo Page 1 for this family.]
Photo Page 6 Georgian Blackledge;  Grandchildren of Jessie and Dicy Blackledge; Martha Blackledge and Frank Dossett;  Mary Suzanne Blackledge Gressett  [descendant photos from Linda Grace Talbot]
Photo Page 7 Leona Blackledge Ginn and family; [descendant photos from Linda Grace Talbot]
Photo Page 8 Justin Brown family; the Ronald and Linda Grace Talbot family  [descendant photos from Linda Grace Talbot]
Photo Page 9 Dennis Blackledge Cemetery and Mill Creek Cemetery tombstone photos, Jones Co, MS  [descendant photos from Linda Grace Talbot]
Photo Page 10 George Latrelle Blackledge family, Jones Co, MS [descendant photos as submitted to Linda Grace Talbot]
Photo Page 11 Willis Samuel Blacklidge family, Jones Co, MS [photos provided by descendant Joy Brown
John Blackledge and family [photos from descendant Louise Compton]
Photo Page 12 Thomas Edward Blackledge and sons, Vicksburg, MS [photos submitted by Kim Blackledge Smith] 
family of John Ira Welch and GeorgeAnn (or Georgian, see Photo Page 6) Blackledge  [photos submitted by Lanelle M. Welch]
Photo Page 13 Howard Bowen Blackledge and family  [descendant photos submitted by Mary Lois Blackledge (Williams)];
Blacklidge Emulsions;  Effie and Bo Blackledge  [photos submitted by Ronnie Blacklidge Jr. and Ginger]

Chapter 7:   Other Blackledges
Photo Page 1 Scranton [PA] Blackledges  [descendant photos as provided by Thomas L. "Roy" Blackledge of the Scranton Blackledges]
Photo Page 2 Descendants of Edmund Blackledge, b. 1810 possibly in KY.  Featuring the family of Lawrence and Clara Eunice Lloyd Blackledge.  [photos provided by brothers Larry and Walter Blackledge as scanned by Walter, emailed from Shanghai by Larry]

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