Photos – Chapter 6:  Zachariah Blackledge and Descendants

Photos that did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."  Note:  descendant numbers from the Second Edition for Chapter 6 have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

This is Photo Page #9  for Chapter 6, primarily of tombstone photos from Blackledge Cemetery and Mill Creek Congregational Cemetery, Laurel, Jones Co, MS as provided by Linda Grace Talbot.    For other photos, see:   Photo Page Index 

Blackledge Cemetery, Jones Co, MS  Mill Creek Congregational Cemetery
Dennis Blackledge Cemetery:  There are actually two "Blackledge cemeteries," one called Dennis Blackledge Cemetery and one called Blackledge Cemetery.  Blackledge Cemetery is located about 4 1/2 miles north of Dennis Blackledge Cemetery.  Photo at left is the Dennis Blackledge Cemetery which is on a hill overlooking Mill Creek Congregational Methodist Church and Cemetery.  Both of these cemeteries are in the Mill Creek Community outside of Laurel, Jones Co, MS.  Jessie Calvin [193] and Dicy Caroline Walters Blackledge are buried in the Dennis Blackledge Cemetery as are other Blackledge and Walters family members.  This small cemetery has a fence around it and the road sign leading up to it reads - Blackledge Cemetery Rd.  Mill Creek Cemetery:  The full name is Mill Creek Congregational Methodist Church Cemetery.  Most of the burials in the larger Mill Creek Cemetery are related to the Blackledge and Walters families.  The tombstone photos on this page are from Mill Creek Cemetery.
John Louis Blackledge  John Louis Blackledge, 1940
John Louis Blackledge:  At left is the photo from the tombstone of John Louis Blackledge [593] in Mill Creek Congregational Methodist Church Cemetery.  At right, is a photo of John Louis in 1940.  
John Lane Blackledge  Amanda - spouse of John Lane Blackledge
John Lane Blackledge: John Lane Blackledge [237] about 1930.  John Lane's SpouseAmanda Elender Walters Blackledge about 1935.  Both of these photos were from the individual's tombstone at Mill Creek Congregational Methodist Church Cemetery in 2004.  
John Lane and Sons - newspaper John Lane and Sons, front view
John Lane and Sons:   There were at least two photos of John Lane Blackledge [237] and his seven sons taken on the same day at a family reunion, and two are shown above. The obituary article with photo at left appeared in the Laurel Leader-Call of 21 May 1934.    From the photo at right,  This picture of John Lane Blackledge [237] and his sons was taken at a family reunion about 1932, east of Laurel, Mississippi.  Blackledges standing, Left to Right: Jordan Plummer [815], Bennie Lane [807], Jerry Wilson [806], John Glen [813]Blackledges seated, L to R:  Charles Tinnon [814], Roy Hunt [816], John Lane [237], John Shelby [805] This photo is also embedded with the narrative for John Lane Blackledge [237], Second Edition, Chapter 6.
Julia Agnes Blackledge  William Chester Harrington
Julia Agnes Blackledge: Julia Agnes Blackledge Herrington [280] about 1960.    Linda notes that the Jones Co Blackledges tend to have dark hair until they die, with very little gray.  Husband of Julia Agnes:  William Chester Herrington [672] was a cousin of his wife Julia.  Both photos taken from their individual tombstones in Mill Creek Congregational Methodist Church Cemetery.
John Bryant Herrington  Hollis Herrington
John Bryant Herrington (left) [981] and Hollis Nevelle Herrington (right) [982]:  These men are sons of Julia Agnes and William Chester Herrington (above). 
Maudie Blackledge  Maudie with tombstone  Richard Blackledge
Maudie Blackledge:  Maudie [592] taken in the 1960s in Jones Co, MS.  The center photo shows some of the detail of the actual tombstone.  At right:  Richard Frances Blackledge [591], Maudie's brother.  This photo taken in the 1940s in Jones Co, MS. 
Mill Creek Congregational Church
Mill Creek Congregational Methodist Church:  Laurel, Jones Co, MS.  Blackledge families have attended church here for many years. The Church was organized in Aug 1872 and at that time was located at the west side of what is now the cemetery.   In 1907, the Church was built at its present location, as seen here. 

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