Photos – Chapter 6:  Zachariah Blackledge and Descendants

Providing a look at some submitted photos that did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."    Descendant numbers from the Second Edition for Chapter 6 have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

This is photo page #5  for Chapter 6, with a collection of photos submitted by John C. Cleckler in 2012.    For other photos, see:   Photo Page Index 

Elberry Blackledge  Rasberry Blackledge
Elberry Blackledge: (photo at left)  This is thought to be a photo of Thomas Elberry Blackledge [613], b. 1893 in Jones Co, MS. On the back of the photo was written:   Elberry Blackledge   1915  .  These two photos were found in the family collection by John C. Cleckler with names and year written on the back of each.
  Rasberry Blackledge: (photo at right)  This is believed to be a photo of Edward Rasberry Blackledge [612] holding his first born, Ettie Mae [1584] and with his wife Emma Pauline.  Edward Rasberry was born in 1890 in Jones Co, MS.  Elberry and Rasberry were brothers. On the back of this photo was written:   Cleveland     Rasberry Blackledge   Pauline Blackledge   Eddie Mae Blackledge 1918.  Note it reads Eddie, not Ettie.   Ettie Mae was born in Dec 1912.
James Cleve Blackledge Family, 1943   James Cleve Blackledge with wife, 1945
James Cleveland Blackledge familyIn 1943.  Standing, Left to right: Charles Cleon Blackledge [1605], spouse Annie Mae Gatlin Blackledge, James Vestal Blackledge [1606].    Sitting, Left to right: Shirley Ruth Blackledge [1607], James Cleveland Blackledge [620], Norma Lee Blackledge [1608], Anita Louise Blackledge [1609].
Annie Mae and James Cleveland Blackledge:   photo at right taken in 1945

Blackledge Clan 1963
Blackledge Clan, 1963:   from left to right
James Cleve Blackledge family, late 60s
James Cleve Blackledge family:   Late 1960s; 
Anita Blackledge Cleckler   Cleckler kids, 1977 
Anita Louise Blackledge Cleckler:   at left [1609].  Her kids are in the photo at right.     Cleckler Kids, 1977:   Left to right: Melodie [3156], Sheila [3155], Vicki [3154] holding baby John [3158], and Philip [3157].  Photo taken late 1977 in Laurel, Jones Co, MS.

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