Photos – Chapter 5:  William Blackledge and Descendants

Providing a look at some submitted photos that did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."  Note:  descendant numbers from the Second Edition [Sept 2011 database] for Chapter 5 have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

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Mary Rea & daughtersHarlan & Virden tombstone
Elizabeth Harlan Rea & daughtersat bottom  left - Rachel Ruth Rea Simpson Wooley [2334].  (married twice);  Left - Nettie Estella Rea Cochran [2331];  top - Anna Louise Rea Barkwill [2330];  Right - Edith Vernon Rea Yost Burdette [2329] (married twice);  Bottom right - Mary I. Rea Kirby [2336].  The five living daughters are displayed around their mother, Elizabeth Harlan Rea [1288], who gave birth to 6 girls and 6 boys.  ca. 1920 in St. Marys, Pleasants County, WV.
  (photo at right): 
Virden Tombstone:  Rachel Smith [5:547] (1834-1914) and Absolom Virden's [Sp:5:547] tombstone in the Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Pleasants County, WV.  Rachel was the mother of Elizabeth Harlan, and Absolom was Rachel's 2nd spouse.  [these two photos provided by Mary Louise Rea Lamp [5053] ]
Harold R. Blackledge
Harold R. Blackledge:  [3300] c. 2003. 
Lucinda Blackledge Clapper & son ArthurClapper 2002
Lucinda Blackledge & family:  (photo at left):  Lucinda Jane Blackledge (Clapper) [2584] at age 19 holds her firstborn son Arthur [3914], ca 1906.   (at right):  Sisters, counter-clockwise:   (standing at right): Lucinda Jane "Cindy" Blackledge [2584]; at left: Mary Alice Blackledge (Krumlauf) [2585]; (sitting at left):  Gladys (Barrick) Clapper [sp: 3914]; (and sitting at right): Nova Blackledge (Hites) [2583].  Abt 1933, so Lucinda is abt 45 yrs old.
Lucinda's family:  (photo at left) Charles Edward Clapper (spouse of Lucinda) and Lucinda [2584], in Arthur & Gladys'  back yard, Stark Co, OH, during Janice's [5362] (2nd?) wedding, 1954.  (at right) Lucinda Jane Blackledge Clapper, about 50 years of age.  [above four photos and identification submitted by Rosalie Cupp]
Rev. James P. Blackledge family
The Reverend James Patterson Blackledge family in missionary barrel clothes about 1910-1911 poss. in Wamego, KS.
(4 standing in back, left to right:) Victor Raymond Blackledge [2738]; Walter McKinley Blackledge [2739]; Benjamin Franklin Blackledge [2736]; Huldah Louise Blackledge (Keith) [2735].    (5 in front, L to R):  Dorothy Grace Blackledge (Wagner) (b. 13 Oct 1906) [2741];  Zorah Revina Childers (Blackledge) [sp:1611]; James Lyle Blackledge (b. 3 Sep 1905) [2740];  The Reverend (b. 5 July 1868) [1611]; Ralph Ulysses Blackledge (b. 28 Feb 1902) [2739].  (photo submitted by Zoe Kugler)

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