Photos – Chapter 7:  Other Blackledge Families

Providing a look at some submitted photos that did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."  Note:  descendant numbers from the Second Edition for Chapter 7 have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

This is photo page #2  for Chapter 7, Other Blackledge Families:  Descendants of Edmund Blackledge.  This page of photos submitted by descendants Larry [193] and Walter [192] Blackledge.    For other photos, see:   Photo Page Index 

Clara Eunice Lloyd
Clara with friend
Clara Eunice Lloyd: Clara was later to marry Lawrence Blackledge [46].  Here Clara is shown in two series of photos at roughly 14 years of age. 
Clara with parents
Clara with parents:   Clara Eunice Lloyd married Lawrence Blackledge [46] in Sep 1915.  Here Clara is shown at upper left, in back row with her brother.  Her parents are in front.  Compare with the photo of her father (below). 
father of Clara Eunice  group with father of Clara
Father of Clara:   (middle is detail from group shot at right).  Identity of the group is unknown. 
Ethel Sara Hale in Alps, 1946Ethel Sara Hale on way to DublinEthel Sara Hale in cart
Ethel Sara Hale:  Ethel Sara Hale was later to marry Walter Lloyd Blackledge [109] in 1960.  Here Ethel is shown  (at left) in the Alps in 1946, at about 26 years of age, and  (at center) boarding a  plane on her way to Dublin, 1946, and (at right) In Austrian-German mountains in a cart, c. 1947. 
Ethel Sara Hale with sons   
Ethel Sarah Hale:  Ethel c.1980 (at left) with sons Walter Lloyd Blackledge Jr. [192] at left, and Lawrence Allen "Larry" Blackledge [193] at right, in front of their Alton, IL home.  
Lawrence Blackledge - Grand Canyon  Lawrence with Clara
Lawrence Blackledge:   Lawrence [46] photographed near the Grand Canyon in 1957 at age ~ 69.       (center photo)  Marriage photo of  Lawrence with spouse Clara Eunice Lloyd, c. 1915.
Lawrence with son c. 1922 Lawrence with son 1922
Lawrence with son Walter:  Walter was born 6 Sep 1919.   (photo at left) c. 1920     (photo at right) c. 1922.  See next two photos of Walter, just below. 
Walter with mother, Moline, IL, 1923  Walter in 1923
Walter With Mother:  Walter Lloyd Blackledge [109] c. 1923 in Moline, IL with mother Clara Eunice Lloyd Blackledge.   Note these two photos were taken on same day as the (somewhat blurry) photo of Walter and father Lawrence shown in panel above. 
Lawrence in Group shot  Lawrence - detail from group shot  Lawrence with son 1957
Lawrence in working group:  Lawrence Blackledge [46] is in this group shot, front row, third from right, taken in Moline, IL, c. 1920.    (detail at right) 
Lawrence with son Walter:   Walter [109] (at left) and father Lawrence [46] in Los Angeles, CA in 1957.  At age 69, Lawrence took this trip out to see his son Walter and (see photo above) stopped at the Grand Canyon on the way. 
Trolley Car - Moline, IL 1920 
Trolley Car, 1920:   Trolley car shown c. 1920 in Rock Island, IL.  Note front of trolley and store sign in background say “Rock Island.”
  Walter in 1933 - fair photos
Walter At  Chicago Expo:   Walter Lloyd Blackledge [109] at about 14 years of age in series from the International Expo, 1933. 
Walter in John Deere's Limo c. 1920
Lawrence at work:  Lawrence Blackledge [46] who worked as a chauffeur for Deere & Co., shown here in John Deere's Limo, c. 1920. 
Walter is in foreground, Lawrence at right
baby Walter and family:   Walter is the babe in the center foreground, his father Lawrence is to the left reaching for his hat.  Clara's father is kneeling behind his grandson, with his wife's hand on his right shoulder.  Photo c. 1920. 
 Walter in 1921  Walter in 1927  Walter with Buster Brown Haircut
Walter as youngster:   Walter Lloyd Blackledge [109] b. 1919, shown c.1922 and  (photo at center) in 1927.  Buster Brown was in:   Walter Lloyd Blackledge [109] (photo at right) with Buster Brown haircut, Moline, IL, C. 1923. 
Walter - Fall 1961  Walter and Larry on Vac, 1974 Walter Lloyd and spoouse, 1974
New Generation:  Walter Lloyd Blackledge Jr. [192] at home, Alton, IL, Fall 1961. Brothers Larry [193] and Walter Jr. [192] on vacation in Florida, 1974.  Walter and Ethel:   Walter Lloyd Blackledge and spouse Ethel Sarah Hale, on vacation in 1974 at Sea World in Florida.
Wedding Photo - Maui 2008 - Larry & Hiroe
Wedding in Maui:   - Larry and Hiroe's wedding, 23 March 2008, in Maui, Hawaii:  (left to right)  Walter Lloyd Blackledge [192], little Anna Nichole Blackledge [330], Lawrence Allen Blackledge [193], Hiroe Ando Blackledge, and Devin Andrew Blackledge [331]. 
Hiroe, Devin, Larry in Bejing 2011
In Beijing:  China, 31 July 2011:  Hiroe Ando Blackledge, Devin Andrew Blackledge [331], Lawrence Allen Blackledge [193].
Beijing near Great Wall, July 2011  Anna in SIU play, summer 2012  Larry Blackledge, c. 2010
In Beijing:  At the Great Wall in China, 31 July 2011:  Devin Andrew Blackledge [331], Lawrence Allen Blackledge [193], Hiroe Ando Blackledge.   Summer Theatre: (middle photo)  Anna Nichole Blackledge [330] in summer workshop play at Southern Illinois University, 2012.  Larry (photo at right)  Lawrence Allen "Larry" Blackledge [193] provided most of the photos on this page.

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