Photos – Chapter 6:  Zachariah Blackledge and Descendants

Providing a look at some submitted photos that did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."  Descendant numbers from the Second Edition for Chapter 6 have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

This photo page #4 for Chapter 6 presents photos collected by Linda Grace Talbot from family members.    For other photos, see:   Photo Page Index 

Salata Elizabeth Blackledge family   Again with the Salata Elizabeth Blackledge family   Pinkie Holifield    Wayne Co gathering
"Lizzie" with children(four photos submitted by Irma Breazeale)  First we have two views of same family gathering c. 1954 in McComb, MS:  (left to right)  Corrine Gibson [594], Salata Elizabeth "Lizzie" Blackledge [221],  William Riley Blackledge [598],  and Rosie Smith [599].   Note the next photo is another view.   Third photo:  Pinkie Holifield [779], (the wife of Richard Frances Blackledge [591]).  Fourth photo:  Wayne Co, MS gathering: Front Row kneeling: Paul Franklin Blackledge son of William Riley Blackledge [598].  Standing, left to right:  Dovie and William Riley Blackledge [598]; Mattie Smith [596];  Pinkie Holifield [779]; and Rosie Smith [599].  Photos 3 and 4 taken in 1983, Wayne Co, MS.  
"Lizzie" Blackledge [221]   "Jimmy" Smith, 1980   William Riley and "Lizzie"  "Jimmy" Smith Family   Funeral photo of Jimmy Smith family
"Lizzie":  (five photos submitted by Irma Breazeale)  1. Salata Elizabeth "Lizzie" Blackledge [221], c. 1952, Jones Co, MS.  2. James R. "Jimmy" Smith husband of Rosie Blackledge [599].  3. William Riley Blackledge [598] and Salata Elizabeth "Lizzie" Blackledge [221], c. 1954, McComb, MS.  4.  "Jimmy" Smith family photo: (by Olan Mills):  Front Row Left to Right: Jimmy and Rosie Smith  [599], Irma Breazeale.   Second Row Left to Right: Lizzie Lou Vreeland, Joyce Ward, Flora Lee Shedd, Letha Ann Kelly taken in Jones Co, MS,  1979. 
5.  Jimmy Smith Family Funeral Photo
seated in front: Rosa Smith [599]; standing in back, L to R:  Irma Breazeale, Letha Ann Kelly, Joyce Ward, Lizzie Lou Vreeland, and Flora Lee Shedd.  Photo taken in 1983 in Laurel, Jones Co, MS.   
Minnie John and Lillie Mae  Lillie Mae Shedd Hodge, 1946  Minnie and Willie Dee Blackledge, 1988
Minnie and John:  Minnie Marie Blackledge [597] and husband John Shedd with little Lillie Mae Shedd [1534].  Photo taken in Wayne Co, MS, c. 1927.     Lillie Mae Shedd Hodge: [1534] in 1946.  Minnie and Willie Dee:  Minnie Blackledge [597] and Willie Dee Blackledge [1516], c. 1988, MS. 
Maudie Blackledge  William Albert Blackledge  William Riley Blackledge
Maudie Blackledge: Maudie [592] shown in 1942.  Maudie was Willie Dee's mother.    William Albert Blackledge:  c. 1920    William Riley Blackledge:  William Riley [598]
   Willie Dee Blackledge   Faye and Willie  Maudie with Willie Dee and his daughter Faye
Willie Dee Blackledge :  Willie Dee [1516] in 1965.     Faye and father:   Maudie Faye Blackledge [2989] and her father Willie Dee Blackledge [1516] in 1967.  Two Maudies:  another photo on same occasion, however this has Willie Dee's mother Maudie [592] on the left. 
    Faye and David and Frankie Cutchens    Outstanding in the field: Boyd, Hollis, Luell  Maudie Luell
   Faye and Frankie:   Maudie Faye [2989], spouse David Lee Cutchens and son Frankie Lee [4684].  Photo taken in Hurricane Mills, TN, c. 1992.  Outstanding in their field:  Boyd, Hollis, Luell Blackledge.   Maudie Luell:  Luell [1479] later in life.  

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