Photos – Chapter 6:  Zachariah Blackledge and Descendants

Providing a look at some submitted photos that did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."    Descendant numbers from the Second Edition for Chapter 6 have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

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John K Walters, 1950  Rena Blackledge, 1950
John Kerney Walters Sr.John K. Walters was the spouse of Rena Blackledge  [248]    Photo at right:  Rena Blackledge:  Rena [248] c. 1950, Jones Co, MS. (both photos submitted by their son, Derwood Walters [862])  
Ruby Detress Broadhead, 1927  John and Ruby McPheeters
Ruby Detress Broadhead: Ruby [1560] at age 16 in 1927 in Runnelstown, Perry Co, MS.  Photo at right:  John and Ruby McPheeters:  at right is Ruby Detress Broadhead [1560] with spouse John McPheeters,  c. 1950, Long Beach, CA. 
John and Ruby McPheeters, 1989
John and Ruby McPheeters:  at right is Ruby Detress Broadhead [1560] with spouse John McPheeters, 1989, Wenatchee, WA.   (photo taken by Olan Mills Studio)
Ernestine Broadhead Miner, 1946Four Sisters, 1942
Ernestine Dorothy Broadhead:  at left is Ernestine [1563], 1944, Phoenix, AZ.    Four Sisters:  Photo at right, from left to right:  Ruby Detress Broadhead [1560], Minnie Illarue "Rue" Broadhead [1561], Audra Vandaline "Van" Broadhead [1562], Ernestine Dorothy Broadhead [1563].  This photo taken in Perry Co, MS, 1942.  
Thomas Webber Broadhead, 1942Shirlee and Tom Broadhead, 1980  Judy Ann Miner, 1966
Thomas Webber Broadhead: Thomas [1564] in 1942, Runnelstown, Perry Co, MS.  Photo at center shows Shirlee "Shirl" Paula Crippen and spouse Thomas Webber Broadhead [1564].  Photo taken in 1980 outside their T and S Grocery in Sunrise Community, Hattiesburg, Forrest Co, MS.  Photo at right is Judy Ann Miner [3066] in 1966, Lakewood, Los Angeles Co, CA.
Broadhead Siblings and Spouses, 1950  Calvin Coolidge Broadhead, 1943
Broadhead Siblings and Spouses:  Photo at Left, from Left to Right: John Harold Broadhead [1559] and his wife Ida, Ruby Detress Broadhead [1560] and her husband John, Minnie Ilarue Broadhead [1561] and her husband Clarence, Audra Vandaline Broadhead [1562] and her husband Bernard, Ernestine Dorothy Broadhead [1563] and her husband Ivan, and Calvin Coolidge Broadhead [1565] and his wife Bonnie.  At right: Calvin Coolidge Broadhead [1565]:  Calvin's wife Bonnie indicated this photo was taken in 1943 in San Diego, CA. 

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