Photos – Chapter 5:  William Blackledge and Descendants

Providing a look at some submitted photos that did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."  Note:  descendant numbers from the Second Edition [Sept 2011 database] for Chapter 5 have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

This photo page #5 for Chapter 5 presents photos of the Lewis (H.) Blackledge Family.  For other photo collections, see:   Photo Page Index 

Lewis Blackledge family, 1930Gertrude's family, 1929
Lewis (H.) Blackledge family, Kearney, NE, abt 1930:  (photo at left, in back L to R):  Doris [3204], Floyd [sp: 2028]; Gertrude [2028]; Allan as Lt USN [2029]; Lewis [1013]; Hobert [2030]; Helen [sp:2030].  3 girls in front:  Phyllis [3205]; Barbara [3207]; and Jean [3206].   Photo submitted by Phyllis, who adds:  "Granddaddy (Lewis) had it taken one summer that we drove "back home" after moving to Seattle -- I believe it was 1930.  Allan and Barbara were there at the same time."   (photo at right, L to R):  Phyllis [3205]; Gertrude [2028]; Doris (behind) [3204]; Jean (in front) [3206]; Floyd [sp: 2028].  Photo submitted by Phyllis, who adds:  "I am guessing that this was taken in 1929.  I know that it was taken by the "best" or "classiest" photographer in Seattle, Leonid Fink.  This indicates that Daddy"s priorities put family picture at the top of importance, since it was expensive and we had very little money.  I have Mother's Budget Book in which she recorded every haircut that Daddy had often ($0.25) since he needed to always look good in the business world.  The rest of us had to wait much longer."

Lewis & MargaretADB as young manADB & Dorothy
Lewis (H.) Blackledge(photo at left, L to R):  Lewis[1013] and Margaret, Red Cloud, NE, c. 1890. (center photo):  ADB [2029] probably as senior photo in high school, c. 1915.  (photo at right):  ADB [2029] and Dorothy [sp2:2029] at USNA (note Phillipino steward in background). 
siblings - c. 1911ADB at lakeGertrude c. 1912ADB on bike
Red Cloud Days: (photo at left, the siblings L to R):  Gertrude Blackledge [2028]; Allan Douglas Blackledge [2029]; Hobert Lee Blackledge [2030]; Red Cloud, NE c. 1911.  (photo at lake)  Allan in swim attire - at the Republican River?  (photo in dress)  Gertrude with the slim waist.  (photo at right)  ADB, much later, perhaps in Long Beach?
Dorothy Forrant Passport Page 3Dorothy - passport photoDorothy Forrant
Dorothy Marita Forrant:  2nd spouse of ADB [2029] (photos from left):  Passport page 3 (b. 7 Feb 1907, Salem, MA);  Passport photo;  commercial photo.  c. 1929.

Babs' Wedding Dec 1946Twins Contestfamily archives - newsprint
Babs' Wedding, Dec 1946 (photo at left, from L to R):  the twins, Penny Blackledge [3209] and Patti Blackledge [3208]; Michael Blackledge (in front, age 5) [3210]; Lt William Jack Tipton (behind) [sp:3207]; the bride Barbara Pauline Blackledge [3207]; Dorothy Marita Forrant (Blackledge) [sp: 2029]; Allan Douglas Blackledge [2029].  Photo taken where the wedding took place, at Quarters D, Naval Gun Factory, Washington, DC, Dec 1946. 
Twins Enter Contest:  (photo at right, from L to R: 
the twins, Penny Blackledge [3209] and Patti Blackledge [3208], get some newsprint to send off to ADB overseas.  Dorothy was aggressive in getting the kids involved in projects.   An example of the full paste-up, as sent to ADB, can be seen at right; this would be on the back of an 8 x 10 photo.  (Washington D.C., c. 1945).
Mike - class of 46NOPI - 1948 - sibsPatti & Penny
Siblings: The Early Years (photo at left) Michael A. Blackledge [3210], Kindergarten Class of 1946 (in sailor suit), Washington, D.C. [3080);  (center photo): Siblings at NOPI luncheon, Indianapolis, 1948 (L to R):  Michael A. Blackledge [3210], <unknown friend>, Penny Blackledge [3209], Patricia Ann Blackledge [3208], Peter D. Blackledge [3211].  (photo at right):  Twins prior to 1958 Cotton Bowl.  (top to bottom):  Penny Sue Blackledge [3209], Patricia Ann Blackledge [3208], posing in Houston, TX.  Navy played (and defeated) Rice in Cotton Bowl, 1958.
ADB - NOPI - 1948ADB - NOPI - 1948ADB Bowling
NOPI Commander, 1948(in photo at left, the birthday cake is for NOPI's anniversary).  The final billet in the Navy career of Allan D. Blackledge [1975] was shore duty as Commander of the Naval Ordnance Plant, Indianapolis (NOPI), 1948-1951, Indianapolis, IN.  These photos are 'official US Navy Photos" from that assignment, at the conclusion of which ADB retired and moved the family to Houston, TX.
ADB family Christmas, 1960ADB family Christmas 1966
ADB Family at Christmas, 1960: (photo at left)  (standing, L to R):  Norvell Frederick Woods [sp:3079]; Midn. 3/c Michael Allan Blackledge [3210]; Allan Douglas Blackledge [2029]; Charles Herbert Price [sp1:3208]; Peter Douglas Blackledge (age 13 1/2) [3211];  William Jack Tipton [sp1:3207].  (seated, L to R):  Patricia Ann Blackledge (Price) [3208];  Deborah Carol Tipton (age 9) [4491];  Dorothy Marita Forrant (Blackledge) [sp2:2029]; Barbara Pauline Blackledge (Tipton) [3207];  Penelope Sue Blackledge (Woods) [3209].  Houston, TX, 1960.
ADB Family at Christmas, 1965: (photo at right) (standing, L to R):  Norvell Frederick Woods [sp:3209]; Michael A. Blackledge [3210]; Allan Douglas Blackledge [2029]; Charles Herbert Price [sp1:3208]; Midn. Peter Douglas Blackledge [3211];   (seated, L to R):  Patricia Ann Blackledge (Price) [3208];  Alexander Stevenson Price (age 1 3/4) [4492];  Dorothy Marita Forrant (Blackledge) [sp2:2029];  Penelope Sue Blackledge (Woods) [3209].  Houston, TX, 1965.
Note:  Both photos taken at Christmas gatherings of the Blackledge family at the Houston, TX home of Dorothy and Allan Blackledge, 2307 Gramercy Blvd, Houston, 77025.   In each photo a son of Dorothy and Allan is home from the Naval Academy on Christmas Leave.
Gertrude & Floyd 50th - 1966Blackledge siblings at 50th
Gertrude & Floyd's 50thThis is one of several photos taken in the Seattle, WA home of Gertrude and Floyd Turnure on or about 1 May 1966 during the festivities surrounding the celebration of their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  This is the largest grouping from the photos – a total of fifteen family members.  Left to right: Back row:  Donald Pearson [sp:3205], Helen Negley Blackledge [sp:2030], Phyllis Turnure Pearson [3205], Jay Barrington, Jean Turnure Barrington [3206], Andrew Tonning, Doris Turnure Tonning [3204], Bjarne Tonning [sp:3204].  Seated – middle row:  Allan Douglas Blackledge [2029], Floyd Ayers Turnure [sp:2028], Gertrude Blackledge Turnure [2028], Hobert Lee Blackledge [2030].  Seated on floor – front row:  Allan Thorkel Tonning (age 10) [4486], Anne Louise Pearson (19) [4488], Janis Elisabeth Barrington (12) [4490]. 
Blackledge Siblings at 50th:  (photo at right):  also from the 50th Anniversary gathering in Seattle, L to R:  Allan D. Blackledge [2029], Gertrude
Blackledge (Turnure) [2028], Hobert Lee Blackledge [2030].
 USNA Crew Shell - Nov 1984Christening of the crew shell
Christening of the CAPT ALLAN BLACKLEDGE:  In Nov 1984, the five children of Allan D. Blackledge met at Hubbard Hall on the campus of the United States Naval Academy to dedicate what turned out to be the last wooden shell for the Navy crew team, in honor of their father, USNA '20, 1896-1982.  (photo at left, L to R):  Peter Douglas Blackledge (USNA '69) [3211]; Barbara Pauline Blackledge (Tipton) (Heartfield) [3207]; Patricia Ann Blackledge (Price) (Blide) [3208]; Penelope Sue Blackledge (Woods) [3209]; Michael Allan Blackledge (USNA '63) [3210].   (photo at right) Senior Sibling Barbara [3207] does the honors of the official christening.  In background of this photo can be seen (boy in checkered shirt:)  David Lewis Blackledge [4496]; (lad behind Penny:)  Nicholas Woods [4494]; (at end of pier:)  Andrew Marshall Woods [4493].  The dedication was organized by Peter who rowed varsity crew at Navy. 
sepia menMike's family - sepiasepia women
Michael Allan Blackledge family: Albuquerque, NM, Mar 2004.  (menfolk at left, clockwise starting at upper left):  Michael Allan Blackledge [3210];  David Lewis Blackledge [4496]; Ian David Blackledge [5858]; Douglas Faust Blackledge [4495].  (family photo at center, back row):  Helen Margaret Faust (Blackledge) [sp1:3210]; Patricia Helen Frisbie (Daseke) (Blackledge) [sp: 4496]; Robin Guill (Blackledge) [sp:4495];  (middle row, L to R):  Michael Allan Blackledge [3210]; Charlene Kaiya Blackledge [5857];  (front row, L to R):  Ian David Blackledge [5858]; David Lewis Blackledge [4496].  (womenfolk at right, clockwise starting at upper left):  Patricia Helen Frisbie (Daseke) (Blackledge) [sp: 4496]; Helen Margaret Faust (Blackledge) [sp:3210]; Charlene Kaiya Blackledge [5857]; Robin Guill (Blackledge) [sp:4495];
Mike & Helen - Eric's weddingMike & Helen collageMike & Helen 2004
Mike and Helen:  [3210] & [sp1:3210] (photo at left)  At wedding of Eric Johnson,     (collage at center)  Collection of photos, Mike's family & Helen's family.   (photo at right):  at BarBQue, Albuquerque, NM, Sep 2004. 
Douglas Faust Blackledge, 2010
LtCol Blackledge:  Douglas Faust Blackledge [4495] as LtCol, USAF, Ramstein AB, Germany.
Alex Price at Saranac Lake, NYWoods - Prices in Houston
Alex's Family at Saranac Lake  (July 2010):  (photo at left, from L to R): Summer get-away at cabin in upstate NY:  June Patricia Jones (Price) (sp2:4492),  Zachary Alexander Price [5854], June's son Joshua Michael Marsula; Alexander Stevenson Price (4492), Alex's mother Patricia Ann Blackledge (Price) (Blide) [3208].    
(photo at right): Cousins in Houston (Apr 2011):  3 at left:  Andrew Marshall Woods [4493] (in back), Anne Kathryn Peninger (Woods) [sp:4493] holding their daughter Sarah Grace Woods [5856];  3 at right:  Zachary Alexander Price [5854], father Alexander Stevenson Price (4492) with wife June Patricia Jones (Price) (sp2:4492).  Alex brought 'new wife' June to Houston to meet some of his family. 

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