Photos – Chapter 6:  Zachariah Blackledge and Descendants

These photos did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."  Descendant numbers from the Second Edition for Chapter 6 have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

This is photo page #11  for Chapter 6, presenting "Willis Samuel Blacklidge and family" photos from a collection provided by descendant Joy Brown.    For other Second Edition photos, see:   Photo Page Index 

Willis Samuel and Sarah Jessie Young, 1920s
Sam Sr. and Sarah:  Willis Samuel Blacklidge [74] and his wife Sarah Jessie Young in the 1920's, Jones County, Mississippi. Sam and Sarah were born in 1866 and 1867, respectively.  They had eleven children [320-330], several pictured below.
Willis Samuel Blackledge and Myrtie Odom
Sam Blacklidge Jr. and Myrtie Odom:   Willis Samuel "Sam"  Blacklidge Jr. [327] is seen standing in the second row, second from left; and Myrtie Ozella Odom (who was to later marry Willis’ older brother Talmadge, [324]) is seen behind him in the back row, second from left in this photo of students in the early 1900's at the Rainey School in Moselle, MS.
Talmadge and Myrtie, 1918 Willis Tillis and Thermon, 1927
Talmadge and Myrtie:  Talmadge Blacklidge [324]. and Myrtie Odom in about 1918 in Jones County, MS.  Myrtie and Talmadge later became the parents of Willis Tillis [1107] and Thermon Talmadge Blacklidge [1106], who were to become "just the finest of  fine men," are pictured at right in Jones Co, MS about 1927, and later on this page.  
 Oscar and Lonie, 1910 Oscar and Lonie, 1917
Oscar and Lonie:   (photo at left):  Elijah Oscar Beach and Mary Essalonie "Lonie" Blacklidge [323], wedding photo 14 Aug 1910.  (photo at right): The Elijah Oscar Beach and Mary Essalonie Blacklidge [323] Family - photo taken in 1917 in Jones County, Mississippi.  In front: Willis Eugene "Bill"[1101], and Mary Ethel [1102].  In back: Elijah Oscar Beach holding Emma Pearl [1103- born 21 Sep 1917], Mary Essalonie "Lonie" Blacklidge Beach [323].  Emma Pearl was born 21 Sep 1917.  
Carlie Blacklidge, 1930 Sarah Gertie, 1940Thomas Marvin, 1940
Carlie Blacklidge: Carlie Galiton Blacklidge [321]. taken in 1930 Perry County, Mississippi.    (photo at center)  Sarah Gertie Blacklidge [322] taken in Jones County, Mississippi in the 1940's.  (photo at right)  Thomas Marvin Blacklidge [328].  The photo appears to have been taken in the 1940's.
Willis Tillis, 1944
Willis Tillis:  standing at far right is Willis Tillis Blacklidge [1107] taken about 1944 during WWII with plane and crew.  He flew for 6 months (25 bombing missions) across the Asiatic Sea.  His plane was a B-25.   After VE day, he was being re-trained on an A-26 plane to go to Japan but victory was declared before he had to go.  (per Nancy, his daughter).  Joy Brown adds, "He and Thermon both were just the finest of fine men."
Carlie Galiton and Ruby Lazurus, 1915John and Rachel
Carlie and Ruby:   Carlie Galiton Blacklidge  [321], and Ruby M. Lazarus taken on their wedding day March 17, 1915 Jones County, MS.     John and RachelJohn Blackledge [63] and Rachel C. Walters [185],  taken about 1910 in Jones County, Mississippi.
Blackledge 5 Gens, 1922
Five Generations of Blackledges(Left to right): John Blackledge [63], John Lane Blackledge [237], Jerry Wilson Blackledge [806], Iris Estelle Blackledge Holifield [1938], Lewis Gordon Holifield [1773], c. 1922 Jones County, Mississippi.  As Lewis Gordon Holifield [1773] was born on 8 Jan 1922], this photo is estimated to be taken in 1922.  Compare with Blackledges in church meeting, next photo.
Mill Creek Church meeting, 1920John Blackledge focus
Mill Creek Church meeting, 1920:  John Blackledge [63] is in front row holding black hat with extended family members including other kin folk attending Mill Creek Congregational Methodist Church about 1920-1922 in Mill Creek Community, Jones County, Mississippi.   Others identified by Linda Grace Talbot: perhaps Dennis C. Blackledge [236] with goatee next to John Blackledge; John Lane Blackledge [237] is large man at right end of row, with right hand on paper; and Rachel C. Blackledge [John's wife] may be the lady behind Dennis, in the dark dress, black hat.   (detail at right shows John Blackledge in center with his black hat).
John Oliver Breland family, 1915
John Oliver Breland family, 1915Left to Right: Virgie Breland [1085], John Oliver Breland, little Ruby Breland [1087], Emmie Frances Blacklidge Breland [320], and Jessie Nancy Breland [1085].  Since Ruby was b. 1912, and Dollie (not shown) was b. Mar 1914, this photo is c. 1913.  
John Oliver Breland with little Emma, 1902 School - Sadie Louizer
John Oliver Breland with Jessie, c. 1908Shown here is John Oliver Breland, the spouse of Frances Emmie Blacklidge [320].  Joy Brown thinks he is with his second daughter Jessie Nancy Breland [1086] who was born in Feb 1908, thus this photo is thought to be c. 1908.  Taken in Jones Co, MS.    Robert E. Lee School, Jones Co:   (newspaper clipping at right):  Willis Samuel and Sarah Jessie Blacklidge's daughter, Sadie Louizer [326] taught at this school.    Joseph Lane "Lane" Blacklidge [328] attended and is pictured (fifth from left with hands in overall pockets) c. 1915.  Note name is spelled Blackledge in the caption. 
mill creek school built by John Blackledge
Mill Creek School (built by John Blackledge): This is a picture of Mill Creek School about 1910 built by John Blackledge for all of the extended children and kin in the Mill Creek Community of Jones County, Mississippi.  (photo provided by Marilyn Seymour)
Rachel C. Walters, 1900Rachel C. Walters, Obit part 1Rachel C.Walters, Obit part 2 of 2
Rachel C. Walters: 
Emmie, Lane, Lonie Blacklidge - 1950s
Emma, Lane, Lonie:  Surviving children of Willis Samuel Blacklidge:  Left to Right    Frances Emmie [320], Joseph Lane [328], and Mary Essalonie "Lonie" Blacklidge [323], in the 1950's, Jones County, Mississippi.  These were the three remaining children of the eleven following the death of Sarah Gertie [322] in Houston in March 1953.

Next GenerationThese photos are also from Joy Brown.  Featuring the family of Woodrow Galiton "Buck" Blacklidge [1093], who was the eldest son of Carlie Galiton Blacklidge [321], shown above.
Woodrow G. "Buck" and Dovie Woodrow and Dovie on Wedding Day Buck's family - 1
Dovie and BuckDovie Lee and Woodrow G. (Buck) Blacklidge [1093] taken about 1940 Perry County, Mississippi. (photo at center):  Dovie Lee and Woodrow Galiton (Buck) Blacklidge [1093] taken on their wedding day July 1, 1936 in Perry County, Mississippi.   (photo at right captures Dovie and Buck with their three girls):  Baby Sheila [2455] being held by Dovie Sheffield Blacklidge, Buck [1093] with hands on niece Barbara "Babs" [2463], and Bobbie [2453] at far right.  ca. 1950.
Buck's Family - 3buck's family - now 5etta marie on car
Buck and Family(photo at left):  (L to R):  Buck [1093], Ruby [Carlie's widow], Willis Lavelle [1096]   (photo at center):  (L to R):  Essie Gertrude Blacklidge Creel [1095]; W. G. "Buck" Blacklidge [1093]; Ruby (Lazurus) Blacklidge [sp: 321]; Lavelle Blacklidge [1096]; and Etta Marie "Eddie" Blacklidge Price [1094].  (Eddie and her husband died in an automobile accident, 2 May 1953.)  (photo at right):  (L to R):   Hilton Price (Eddie's second husband);  Sonny (in back); Eloise Holliman [2456] (by Eddie's first husband); and Etta Marie "Eddie"  [1094].

These photos are originally from Louise Compton as obtained  by Joy Brown.
fragile photo - John and Mary E.E.
John and Mary E.E.:  John Blackledge [63] and his wife Mary E. E. Craven taken about 1880 in Jones County, Mississippi.  This is the earliest known photo of John, and the original is a very old and delicate picture.  Louise took the original to a professional to have it copied and this is the best he was able to do.  Only known photo of Mary E.E. Craven who died in 1886.  
John Blackledge - 1900John Blackledge in buggy - 1920
John Blackledge(at left):  the second oldest known photo of John Blackledge [63] taken in Jones Co, MS, about 1900.  (at right):  John, horse and buggy:  John Blackledge [63], Jones County Mississippi 1920's.  Compare with church meeting above.
Rachel and John and
Three DescendantsLeft to Right:  Rachel C. Walters Blackledge [185], John Lane Blackledge [237], and Hattie Walters Blackledge [666] taken in the 1920's Jones County, Mississippi.
Walter Milton Blackledge
Walter Milton BlackledgeWalter Milton Blackledge [244] taken about 1950 in Jones County, Mississippi.  Louise Compton says Walter would sit in his chair listening to the Grand Ole Opry, cross his legs, and the top leg would go back under and completely around the top of the bottom legSome of that can be seen in this photo.

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