Photos – Chapter 5:  William Blackledge and Descendants

Providing a look at some submitted photos that did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."  Note:  descendant numbers from the Second Edition for Chapter 5 [Sept 2011 database] have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

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Granpa's in 1919

Grandpa's Farm, 1919:  taken in front of farm home of Elmer C. Emmack (b. 1880), Metz, Iowa (about 6 miles southwest of Newton, IA) in 1919.   (Elmer Emmack is maternal grandfather of Leland D. Blackledge [2262] - Leland thinks the small girl standing near the front porch is his mother, LeOra Mae Emmack Blackledge Shultz.)   The farm was sold about 1990, and the land today grows grapes.

Wedding Certificate - 1904Nadine & Owen:grandma Nadine in Nursing Home
Owen and Nadine Blackledge:  Owen Sumner Blackledge [485] and Nadine Susan Blackledge [475] were first cousins who married in 1904 and had two sons, Eul (b. 1905) and Glenn (b. 1907).   [left to right:]  Marriage Certificate for Owen S [485] and Nadine Blackledge [475]:  7 Sep 1904, Des Moines, IA.  Next:  Owen Sumner Blackledge [485] and Nadine Susan Blackledge [475] c. 1945, Newton, IA.  Finally:  Nadine, photo taken in nursing home in Newton, IA c. 1962.
Uncle Eul FamilyEul Blackledge
Uncle Eul Family:    Eul Clyde Blackledge’s family (Left to right): Nadine [2258], Letha [Sp:1175]. Judy [2257], Virginia Ann [2259], Eul [1175] c. 1943, prob. in Davenport, IA.   [at right:]  Eul Clyde Blackledge [1175] c. 1955 in Davenport, IA.     
Glenn BlackledgeGlenn & Leora Wedding PhotoWedding Announcement Virgil Blackledge
Glenn & LeOra Mae Blackledge, 1929(from left to right):  Eul's brother:  Glenn Arthur Blackledge [1176] c. 1926 probably in Newton, IA.  Next:  Glenn Arthur Blackledge [1176] & LeOra Mae Emmack [Sp:1176] wedding photo, Aug 1929, probably in Newton, IA.  Third:  Glenn & LeOra Mae's wedding announcement.


Virgil BlackledgeVirgil Blackledge [1182] in 1942 (about 67 years of age):  in Des Moines, IA.

Roberta - Leland - JuanitaRoberta - HS GradRon & Janice - 1968
Children of Glenn and LeOra

Children of Glenn and LeOra: [Left:] Roberta [2260], Leland [2262], Juanita [2261].  c. 1936: Newton, IA.    [center]: Roberta [2260], High School graduation, 1949: Newton, IA.  [right]: Ron Smith with spouse Janice [2266]. 1968: Tama, IA.


The Eight Children of Glenn and LeOra:  Back row:  Leslie [2265], Roberta [2260], Marvelyn [2263], Juanita [2261], Leland [2262].  Front row, L to R: Barbara [2264], Sharon [2267], Janice [2266].  At wedding of Resa Simbro [3539]: 1 Jun 2002, Newton, IA.   Photo courtesy Leland Blackledge.  

Beth & LelandKaren & BethMarcella's family
Eric's Family, April 2011
Leland D. Blackledge family:   [Left]:   Beth E. and Leland D. Blackledge [2262].  [center]: Karen E [3524] and Beth [Sp:2262]:  24 Dec 2003, South St. Paul, MN.     [right]: Aug 2003:  Back row: Zachery Harris [4937], Steve Harris [Sp:3522].  Front:  Kendall Harris [4938], Marcella A. [3522].  Lynnwood, WA.   Photos courtesy Leland Blackledge.

Eric's Family:   Naperville, IL, April 2011:  L to R: Kelsey Cole, Margaret Beth [4939],  Christopher John [4940], Sarah [Sp:3523],  Michael Eric [4941], Eric Leland Blackledge [3523].

Leland & Beth & the grandkidsLeland's Alumni Recognition Leland & KSU president
Leland and Beth & Grandkids:  In Leland’s Back YardBack row:  Beth [Sp:2262], Leland [2262].  Front row, L to R: Christopher Blackledge [4528], Zachery Harris [4524], Kendall Harris [4525], Kelsey Cole holding Michael [4529], Margaret Blackledge [4527].  Aug 2001, South St. Paul, MN.   Photo courtesy Leland D. Blackledge.   At right:  citation to accompany the Alumni Fellows award to Leland D. Blackledge from Kansas State University, 1991.

Leland and Kansas State:  Leland (at right) receiving the Alumni Fellows award from the Kansas State University President, 1991. 
Above photos provided by Leland Blackledge.  Most were provided in 2004 on a CD with identification.

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