Photos – Chapter 6:  Zachariah Blackledge and Descendants

Providing a look at some submitted photos that did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."  Descendant numbers from the Second Edition for Chapter 6 have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

This photo page #3  for Chapter 6 presents photos collected by Linda Grace Talbot from family members.  For other photos, see:   Photo Page Index 

Daniel and Burlie, 1957    marker for Dan and Ruth - Natchez Trace
Burlie Brown and Daniel Aaron:  Burlie was the second wife of Daniel Aaron Blackledge [606].  Photo taken c. 1952 in Bay Springs, MS.  The marker at the right is in Natchez Trace Memorial Park, Madison, MS, photo taken 2009.  (these first three rows of photos courtesy of Dan W. Blackledge [1570]).
Wyatt and Lillie Children, B and W  Grandchildren, B and W
(photo at left): Lillie and Wyatt: Lillie Blackledge  [603] and Roland Wyatt Myrick , c. 1934.    (center photo):  Children of Lillie and Wyatt:  (left to right)  Ardue, Edith, Wilbur, and Gladys, in 1960.  (photo at right):  Grandchildren of Lillie and Wyatt:  (Top row, L to R):  Steve Burkes [3052], Sue Burkes [3053], Rachel Ann Holt [3054].  (Fun pose, hands on hips):  Diane Myrick [3055] (daughter of Wilbur).  Sitting on steps is youngest grandchild, Mary Ann Cooper [3051] (Ardue's daughter).  Photo was from c. 1949. 
Dan and Ruth, 50th, 2000    Dans Daughter, Janet   Dan's son CarrollRob and Rachel
50th Anniversary(photos, left to right, all taken 11 Feb 2000, First Baptist Church, Jackson, MS)   Daniel Wilfred [1570] and Ruth (Ashley) Blackledge on the occasion  of their 50th wedding anniversary.  (left-center photo)  Janet Lynn [3078] and Clyde Bullock:  Janet and Clyde seated in front; their children standing in back, left to right: Nathan [4773], Joel [4774], and Sarah [4775].   (photo at right center):  Sharon and Carroll Dean Blackledge:  Sharon and Carroll [3079] seated in front; their children in back:  at left is Rob [4776], at right is Rachel [4777].  (photo at far right): the children of Sharon and Carroll Dean Blackledge:  at left is Rachel [4777], at right is Rob [4776]; c. 2008.
4 Brothers - 1948  Rube and Sidney Eugene, 1956    Carl and Mary Blackledge, 2004
Four Blackledge Brothers(from left to right)  Jessie Horatio [451], Richard Louis [452], Charles Robert [450], and Sidney Eugene Blackledge [449],  taken about 1948.  (center photo) Ruby and Sidney Eugene Blackledge [449], 1956, Forrest Co, MS. (photo at right)   Carl Blackledge Sr. [1242] and spouse Mary, Laurel, Jones Co, MS, 2004. Carl is the son of Ruby and Sidney.  (these three photos courtesy of Carl Blackledge Sr. [1242])

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