Photos – Chapter 4:  Phillip Blacklidg and Descendants

Photos that did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."   Descendant numbers from the Second Edition for Chapter 4 [Aug 2011 database] have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

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Alfred Blackledge store, 1882   Alf Blacklidge store today
Alfred Blacklidge's General Store, 1882:  The drawing at left depicts the original General Merchandise store as built by Alfred Blacklidge [209 ] in Metamora, IN, as shown in "Atlas, Franklin County, Indiana" 1882 J.H. Beers & Co.  This building burned in 1885 and Alf rebuilt.  Blacklidge went bankrupt in the Panic of 1907 and sold the store to Ellsworth Martindale and Stephen Jenks in 1910.  They continued to operate it as a general store until at least 1915.  The 'new' building [seen in the small photo at right] is still standing in Metamora.  The 1882 atlas advertised:
  "ALF BLACKLIDGE    Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Notions, Country Produce and Lumber."
Metamora InnWilliam Blacklidge house in 1890
Blacklidge House:  William Gordon Blacklidge [211] built this Greek Revival temple and wing style house in the 1850's. The house is seen in the photo at left as it is restored today; and in the three-quarter view photo at right as it appeared c. 1890.  Two wings flank the two-story center 'temple'.   William G. Blacklidge was a carpenter; his son, Alfred "Alf", operated a general store in town (see photos in first row above).  William G.'s daughter was Letica "Lettie" [551].   The house is operated today as "The Metamora Inn Bed & Breakfast,"  19049 Wynn St, Metamora, Indiana.  See  
Above photos provided by Charma Dale Blacklidge Owens , in 2003.
Grace Spivey Blacklidge
Hershel, Jessie, William

Mother & Son:  Grace (Blacklidge) Spivey [516] with young son Cortland [sic] Spivey [1018], c. 1909.

Brothers-in-Law:  Herschel E. Daubenspeck [sp: 515] with wife Jessie (Blacklidge) Daubenspeck [515], and William A. Alexander [sp:518], Petosky, Michigan, c.1920.

Blackledges and Alexanders at the Durbin Hotel, Rushville, IN

Blacklidges and Alexanders, Durbin Hotel, Rushville, IN:  The Durbin Hotel was the place Rushville families went for dining out. Standing in the back, left to right:  Mary Inis Stager Blacklidge [sp:1008];  Allen Thrasher Blacklidge [1008]; Donald Alexander [1021]; Edith Alexander [sp:1021]; Lady in dark dress; Hubert Alexander [1022]; Grace Alexander [sp:1022], Ivan Alexander [1023].  Seated at long table: Frank McIlwain [sp:1846]; Betty Blacklidge McIlwain [1846]; Helen Blackledge [sp:1019]; Lenora Blackledge [sp:517]; Lady in small white hat; Zula M. Clawson.  Four in foreground, left to right:  Lowene [sp:1864] and Joe Alexander [1864]; Glen Blount (Zula's brother) and Jean H. Alexander.  Photo is estimated to be taken about 1953 - perhaps Mother's Day Dinner? (note corsages)

Donald and Marie Alexander, 1917
Carriage Ride:  Lenora and Herbert
Donald and Marie Alexander, 1917:  Myra Pavey notes:  “This may be their marriage photo.  I find it endearing because Marie [sp:1021] is on a step to make her shoulder even with Donald [1021].  We can tell from her photos that she enjoyed life and was humorous.” Carriage Ride:  A carriage ride in Rushville City Park, Rushville, IN for Lenora (Alexander) Blackledge Caldwell [sp:517] and {2nd husband} Herbert Caldwell.  Myra Pavey addsThe horse is Flash, Donald Alexander's horse that lived for 30 years and all of the Alexander sisters rode and walked under and other Rushville families with kids rode and.....just loved."
June and Helen Blackledge, 1945
Double Cousins
June and Helen Blackledge, 1945(from writing on back of photo by mother-in-law Lenora):  June Blackledge [sp: 1020] has just met sister-in-law Helen Blackledge [sp:1019] in patio of Elks Club, waiting with 3,000 other repatriates in L.A., Calif for R.R. tickets home.  Helen looks so happy in her new clothes and is thankful to be home from Japanese prison camps in PI.  Taken May 5, 1945. Double Cousinsfrom Myra Pavey:  "The Blackledge and Alexander double cousins.  In front is Laurence Blackledge [1020]; in back, left to right-- Ivan [1023], Hubert [1022] and Donald [1021] Alexander; William Blackledge [1019]. No date or location.  Best guess is Rushville, IN and in the 1920's."
Mike Wallace interview of Don Alexander
Friends:  Zula and India

Mike Wallace Interview:  CBS newsman Mike Wallace interviewing Donald Alexander [1021], New York City, July 1951. Murat 77th Imperial Council Session.  The full picture can be found in the Rushville Historical Society Museum, along with the saddle shown.

Best Friends ForeverBest friends photograph. India Blacklidge Alexander [518] and Zula Blount Clawson (Don Alexander's mother-in-law).  Myra reminds us, "They certainly had a common goal of raising their grandson, Joe Alexander [1864]."

India Irene Blacklidge Alexander
India, Donald, Joseph, & Judy Alexander

India Irene Blacklidge Alexander [518]:  c. 1892 at age 25.  Location possibly Rushville IN.

Four Generations:  India (Blacklidge) Alexander [518], {mother of} Donald Alexander[1021], {father of}Joe [1864] holding his young daughter Judith Alexander [2606].  30 July 1944.

Lowene and Joe AlexanderSgt Joseph Alexander Joe Alexander - 93rd Birthday
Lowene and Joe Alexander:  Joe [1864] on his way to WW II, and as a full Sgt upon discharge. 
c. 1942 and 1945. 
93rd Birthday Party:  Joe Alexander [1864] April 2011.  A Model A to Joe from Joe.
50th Anniversary:  Joe & Lowene Alexander Donald & Jill Blume Wedding

Joseph and Lowene (Callahan) Alexander 50th Wedding Anniversary Family photograph taken at the Rushville, IN Main Street Christian Church.  Event held August 1992 (Wedding 26 Mar 1942)

Standing back row left to right: Brent Bechtold; Bill Trump [sp:2607]; Bob McIntosh [sp:2612]; Judy Alexander Bechtold [2606]; Steve Bechtold [sp:2606]; Alice Alexander Blume [2610]; Donald Blume [3146]; Elaine Blume [3147]; Rick Pavey [sp:2611]; Ken Craig [sp:2609]

Seated left to right: Melissa Bechtold [3143]; Carolyn Alexander Trump [2607]; Liz Alexander [2612]; Lowene Alexander [sp:1864] holding Ann Craig [3145]; Joe Alexander [1864] ; Myra Alexander Pavey [2611] holding Samantha Pavey [3148]; Nancy Alexander Craig [2609]; kneeling Brent Bechtold [3144].

Donald and Jill Blume Wedding in Zionsville, IN    (1 June 2002)

Back row: Ross Atherton [sp:3143]; Melissa Bechtold Atherton [3143]; Katie Belcher [future sp:3144]; Brent Bechtold [3144].
Third Row:
Bob McIntosh [sp:2612]; Liz Alexander [2612]; Rick Pavey [sp:2611]; Samantha Pavey [3148]; Tanya Bechtold [sp:3142]; Chad Bechtold [3142] holding Drew Bechtold; Bill Trump [sp:2607].
Second row: Judy Alexander Bechtold [2606]; Myra Alexander Pavey [2611]; Carolyn Alexander Trump [2607]; Ken Craig [sp:2609].

Front row: Jerod Nagel [future sp:3147]; Elaine Blume [3147]; Jill Blume [sp:3146]; Donald Blume [3146]; Joe Alexander [1864]; Nancy Alexander Craig [2609]; Ann Craig [3145].

Above photos provided by Myra Jo Pavey [2611], in 2010.
Camels with LarryLarry in photo 4 from setLarry holding turban and glasses
Laurence Amos Blackledge [1020] worked as a movie extra during the 1960s.  At left are three of the stills of Larry from the set of "The Greatest Story Ever Told," c. 1965.  A fourth photo accompanies his writeup in the narrative report of Chapter 4.
These photos provided by David W. Blackledge [1862]  in 2012

Another photo, taken about 1916, of two boys at the ostrich farm. Herschel & Jessie Ella Daubenspeck
Cawston Ostrich Farm:   Photo of two boys about 1916 at the Cawston Ostrich Farm, South Pasadena, CA - for comparison with Ella's photo at right.  The ostrich cart is quite similar, if not the same.  The usual routine was for these photos to be taken with a stuffed ostrich, as the ostriches themselves were too unpredictable and dangerous. (see the sign in the background).  The world famous park was in operation from 1896 to the early 1930s, established and owned by marketing genius Edwin Cawston.
California Tourists:  Herschel Daubenspeck [sp:515] and Jessie Ella Blacklidge Daubenspeck [515] pose with an ostrich cart at the Cawston Ostrich Farm located in South Pasadena, CA.  The train actually stopped at the farm just to allow tourists to admire the grounds, enjoy the rides and buy souvenirs. 
Six Blackledge Siblings House built by Richard Blacklidge, 1822

Blacklidge Siblings:  Photo of six of the nine children of Stephen Clinton Blacklidge [202] perhaps taken at the funeral for Amos H. in 1913.  From left to right in birth order we have: William Marshall [510],  Eva [514],  Emma [513],  Jessie [515],  Grace  [516], and  India [518].  The three deceased (hence not shown) are Anna Maria [511],  Zenith Alma [512], and Amos H. [517].

House Built by Richard Blacklidge, 1828.   Jessie June Staida  notes:  "Since Martin Alexander Blacklidge [206] lived and died within sight of his birthplace, I think this cabin photo shows him standing in front of where he was born."  Note comparison with rosebush photo (below) and believed to also be taken in 1913. 
Stephen America Group 1909 M. A. Blackledge with rose bush
Daubenspecks and BlacklidgesPhoto taken about 1909.  Seated, left to right:     Stephen Clinton Blacklidge [202], America Amos Blacklidge [sp:202], and Margaret Hinchman Daubenspeck and Harvey Daubenspeck [parents of Herschell]. 

Standing, left to right:   Paul  Daubenspeck [952], Wayne Daubenspeck [954] about age 10,  Rubie Daubenspeck [953],  Jessie Ella Blacklidge Daubenspeck [516],  HerschelDaubenspeck [sp:516], and Clarence Daubenspeck [951].

Martin Alexander Blacklidge [206]: Taken with his rosebush; 1913.  Jessie June Staida notes:  "Since he lived and died within sight of his birthplace, I think this photo shows him in an arbor adjacent to the more modern farm house where he was then residing."

Rubie Edith Daubenspeck & Ernest Staida Jessie Ella 09
Rubie Edith Daubenspeck [1015] and her first husband, Ernest Staida.  Possibly their wedding photo, 1915. 
Jessie Ella and Jessie June:  Jessie Ella Blacklidge Daubenspeck [515] with her grandaughter Jessie June Staida [1858] in about 1918.
Above photos provided by Jessie June Staida Steward [1858] via her daughter-in-law Chris [sp:2591] in 2005.

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