Photos – Chapter 4:  Phillip Blacklidg and Descendants

Photos that did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."  Descendant numbers from the Second Edition for Chapter 4 [Aug 2011 database] have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

This is Photo Page2, the second set of photos for Chapter 4.   General subject:  Anderson, Madison Co, IN.  Click for Photo Pages Index

Aerial View of Farm
Farm House (from Charma)
Aerial View of farm:  Charma notes:  Aerial view outside of Anderson, Madison Co, IN.  The Blacklidge home [described at right] is seen in the lower left of the photo.  Farm House:  the Blacklidge home in Anderson, Madison Co, IN.  This house belonged to James Marion Blacklidge [221], then his son Milton Edgar Blacklidge [587], & then Leo Dale Blacklidge [2009]   The house has since been torn down and a subdivision now exists where the farm was located.   Charma Dale Blacklidge Owens [2726] spent much of her childhood here.
Milton Edgar and Naomi Blackledge

Milton Edgar Blacklidge and wife Naomi, 1947:   This photo was taken about 1947 at the Blacklidge home in Anderson, IN.   Sitting:  Milton Edgar [587] and Naomi Blacklidge [sp:587];  standing left to right:  Fred Hawkins [sp:1146], wife Gladys Mildred Blacklidge [1146];  Charlotte Waitman Blacklidge [sp:1145] and Leroy Edwin Blacklidge [1145] Charmion Craig Blacklidge [sp:2009] and Leo Dale Blacklidge [2009] holding Charma Dale Blacklidge Owens [2726].   
Above photos provided by Charma Dale Blacklidge Owens , in 2003.

Blackledge stones, first photo
Blackledge Stones - 2nd photo
"BLACKLIDGE FLATS  1902"A mystery reported on the Blacklidge name message board, 2004:  In clearing their property on Church Drive off of Mounds Road in Anderson, IN, "Terri" and her husband came across some large stones inscribed "BLACKLIDGE  FLATS  1902".  An abondoned project?  There is a reference to "Blacklidge Park" in Anderson.  Inquiries indicate there was a brick factory in that area at one time.  Terri reports the area surrounding the broken stones is littered with yellow brick from a structure demolished years ago.
W.E. Blacklidge oil painting
Indiana Oil Painting:  This painting went up for auction in Aug 2004 from a dealer's antique shop in Connersville, IN.   Although not signed, W.E. Blacklidge's name [497] was  written in pencil on the back side of the canvas.  The painting is estimated to be from c. 1870-1880.  . 
Above photos provided by David W. Blackledge [1862]  in 2004.

Mohler-Blacklidge Family

Mohler-Blacklidge Family:  Photo probably taken around 1902 at the home of Charles U. and Katie Blacklidge Mohler in Madison County, IN in Richland Township.  Boys in front row:  Joseph Frank Mohler [1128] (1898-1977) and Earl Sheridan Mohler [1127] (1896-1987).  2nd Row:  Charles Ulysses Mohler 1868-1956; John Lewis Mohler [1124] (1890-1970); Nellie Grace Mohler [1126] (1893-1952);  Ernest Otto Mohler [1125] (1892-1973);  Katie Grace Blacklidge Mohler [581] (1868-1943).  3rd Row:  John J. Blacklidge 1832-1913;  Mary S. Foote (1846-1926; Marriage 18 Dec  1878).  Top row:  Amanda F. Blacklidge [578] (1855-1945);  John Findley McCoy [sp:580] (1858-1938), next to his spouse: Elizabeth “Lizzie” Blacklidge [580] (1861-1949); Menorah C. “Mora” Blacklidge [579], b. 1857;  William Urry [sp:579], b. 1852.     Note:  Amanda was married to Joseph Dillon (born 1849 died 1915) who is apparently not in the photo.

Nellie Mohler and Family
Nellie Mohler Bushong as young girl
Nellie Mohler Bushong and Family: In the front row are Nellie's parents, Katie Grace Blacklidge [581]  and Charles U. Mohler [sp:581].  In the back row are Nellie [1126] and her five brothers (Joe, Earl, Garland, Ernest, John).   The photo was probably taken at the home of Katie and Charles Mohler, Madison Co, IN, Richland Township, northwest of Anderson. Nellie Mohler Bushong [1126] as young girl.  Photo perhaps taken around 1910 at the time of her high school graduation. 
Above photos provided by Doris Marie Bushong Janes Spurling [1969] via Rebecca Bushong in 2011.

Thomason familyDoris Marie & CatherineBadiema held by mother Beverly
Thomason Family: [photo at left] Callie Owen (BURROW) Thomason [795] (standing in center in dark dress) and her family.  Seated, left to right:  Wheeler Blake Thomason, Doris Marie Montgomery [2366], Ethel Thomason [1580], Catherine Thomason holding son DonnieMiddle row left to right: Ann Thomason [1579], Jim Ed Thomson, Callie Owen Burrow Thomason [795], Addie Carl Thomason Montgomery [1577].  Top (back) row left to right: Woodrow Thomason [1582], Dean Thomason, Houston Montgomery (Addie's husband and Callie's son-in-law). 
Niece and Aunt [photo at center, L to R]:  Doris Marie [2366], the daughter of Addie, with Catherine, the sister of Addie.   
4 of 5 Generations
[photo at right, L to R]   Badiema [3375] being held by her mother Beverly [2980];  Callie Owen (BURROW) Thomason [795]; and Callie's daughter Addie [1577].  (Beverly's mother Doris died in 1947, thus this photo transcends five generations.) c. 1972     
Beverly and Billy Beaver - 1966Doris Marie Montgomery (age 12)Houston Montgomery with AddieOn the porch - Walter D and Doris Marie Inman
Beverly and Billie:  [photo at left]:  Beverly [2980] with spouse Billy Ray Beaver, 1966.  Doris:  [2nd photo from left]:  Doris Marie Montgomery [2366], age 12.  Houston & Addie: [3rd photo from left]:  Houston Montgomery with spouse Addie [1577].  Walter and Doris:   Walter D. Inman with spouse Doris Marie [2366]. 
Callie Thomason headstone

headstoneheadstone of Callie Owen (BURROW) Thomason [795], the daughter of Mahalia Blacklidge, found at Barton Cemetery (see note at right).
Badiema tells us  "The Barton Cemetery is located between Tuscumbia, AL and Cherokee, AL.  When my mother was a child it was an operating little town.  It is now what we refer to as a "wide place in the road".  That may be why it was not found on an atlas. There are currently four generations of Blacklidges buried at the Barton Cemetery.  Mahalia and her husband Owen, their daughter Callie Owen and most of her children including my great-grandmother Addie Carl Thomason Montgomery (married to Houston Earl Montgomery), and their daughter, my grandmother, Doris Marie Montgomery Inman (married Walter Dee Inman, Jr.)  It is my understanding that most of the other Blacklidges from our area are buried near Franklin Co., AL."
Headstone - Addie Carl THOMASON
headstone - Doris MONTGOMERY
Mother & Daughter headstones(photo at left) headstone of Addie Carl THOMASON [1577].  (photo at right) headstone of Addie's daughter, Doris Marie MONTGOMERY [2366].  Mother and daughter were both buried in Barton Cemetery, located between Tuscumbia and Cherokee, AL.
Above photos provided by Badiema Waldrep [3375] in 2010 - 2011

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