Photos – Chapter 5:  William Blackledge and Descendants

Providing a look at some submitted photos that did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."  Note:  descendant numbers from the Second Edition for Chapter 5 [Sept 2011 database] have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

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BrothersDaughtersEul's Parents - 1940
Brothers and Daughters:  (at left):  Blackledge Brothers:  Glenn [1176] (left) and Eul [1175] (oldest).  (middle photo): Daughters of Eul and Letha:  1938:  Judy [2257] (standing); Deannie [2258] (seated, left); and little Annie [2259] (right).  (photo at right):  Eul's parents, 1940s. 
Parents2 - Letha & EulEul + Letha, 1960
Parents:  (photo at left):  Letha and Eul [1175] , 1928.  (photo at right): Eul [1175] , Letha [sp:1175] (1960).   [Note:  for other photos of Eul Clyde Blackledge and his family, and brother Glenn and family, see Photo Page #1]
Letha's 80th - 1950
Letha's 80th Birthday Party:  (1950):  Blackledge families at Grandma Letha [sp:1175] Blackledge's 80th Birthday party, 1950.  [Dean:  can you identify anyone in the photo? We see Letha seated at left wearing glasses ... and where did this occur?]
Parents4Parents4 - 1948Parents - Many - Newton
Parents through time:  (photo at left):  Nadine [475] and Owen [485] with sons Eul [1175] (at left) and Glenn [1176], c. 1930.  (middle): same 4 in 1948:  Eul, Owen, Nadine, Glen.  (photo at right):  same 4 in 1948, plus all the children:  Newton, 1948. 
Siblings 3BSisters
Siblings 3:  The three children of Charlotte Nadine (Deannie) and William Broderick:  Michael Paul [3513] (oldest, standing in back), Katherine Lee [3515], and John Dana [3514]. c. 1967.      (photo at right):  Blackledge Sisters:  [from left to right]:  Bill Broderick and spouse Charlotte Nadine (Dean) 2258];  Virginia Ann [2259] holding youngest Broderick granddaughter, and Ann's spouse Bill Reiff.  – Nov 30, 2003.
JohnFamilyKathee Family
(photo at left)John's FamilyJohn Broderick family. John [3514] holding daughter Sophia [4929]; wife Yvette, son Grant [4928], {dog is "Emmy"}.  Dec 2002    (photo at right):  Kathee's FamilyKathee Weisenberg (Broderick) [3515] family.  With husband Steve, daughter Madeline [4930], and new son Benji [4931] – Nov 2003. 
Mike's Familywith Family6
(photo at left):  Mike Broderick family:  [from L to R] wife Anna [sp: 3513],  baby Clara [4927], Mike [3513]. Nov 2003.    (photo at right):   Broderick Family of Six - Xmas 1986:  Grandmother Letha [sp:1175] Blackledge, John [3514], Kathee [3515], Dean [2258], Mike [3513], Bill [sp:2258].
with Family 9
Broderick Family of Nine - Dec 2000:  Front Row:  Grant [4928], John [3514], Bill [sp:2158], Mike [3513], Steve [sp:3515].  Standing in back:  Yvette [sp:3514], Dean [2258], Anna [sp:3513], Kathee [3515].
with Family - 1979with Spouse
Broderick family- 1979.  Standing: Kathee [3515], John [3514], Bill [sp:2258].  Seated:  Nadine (Dean) [2258], Mike [3513]. 
(photo at right):  Bill and Dean Broderick: [2258], Jan 2004
Above photos provided by Charlotte Nadine "Dean" Broderick (Blackledge) on a CD with identification information, in March 2004.

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