Photos – Chapter 6:  Zachariah Blackledge and Descendants

Providing a look at some submitted photos that did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."  Note:  descendant numbers from the Second Edition for Chapter 6 have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

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family of James Cleveland Blackledge   (photos submitted by Mae Ishee)
James ClevelandMae - 3 siblingsViola
James Cleveland Blackledge: James V. Blackledge's father James Cleveland Blackledge [620], in Wayne County, MS in the early1950's.  Mae - three siblings: L to R. are Iva Mae Ishee (Blackledge) [2ndSp:1606], Calvin Ray Ishee, David O. Ishee, & Janell Ishee (Phillmon). This was made in 1945 in the Union Line Community of Jones County, MS.    Viola(photo at right):  Mae's mother Virgie Viola Blackledge Ishee, 1925       (photos submitted by Mae Ishee)
James V. BlackledgeJames V. Blackledge 1972Mae - Laurel, MS
James Vestal Blackledge:   (grad photo at left): James V. Blackledge [1606] at his High School graduation from Beat Four High School in Wayne County, MS in 1951.;  as 1972 Navy Chief, he retired from the Navy in 1973 as Senior Chief Petty Officer);  (photo at right): James V.'s spouse (and 4th Cousin, once removed) Iva Mae Ishee [2779], Laurel, MS
Mae & James V. BlackledgeBaton Rouge - Mae James 2003
James V. BlackledgeJames Vestal (Bud) Blackledge Jr's family  at Christmas 2003;  Bud's family. L to R. Rochelle [sp:3146], Bud [3146], James V  Sr [1606], Ali [4873] and James Vestal (Jay) Blackledge III  [4872]  (photo at right):  Iva Mae Ishee Blackledge [2779] and husband James V. Blackledge [1606] in Oct 2003 at Baton Rouge, at a Nurses Convention.  Both are retired Licensed Practical Nurses, but still volunteer with the Red Cross and are active in their professional association.

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