Photos – Chapter 7:  Other Blackledge families

These photos did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."  Descendant numbers from the Second Edition for Chapter 7 have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

This is photo page #1  for Chapter 7, featuring photos provided by Roy [Thomas L.] Blackledge of the Scranton, PA Blackledges.    For other photos, see:   Photo Page Index 

These photos submitted by "Roy" Blackledge   [7:73]
John and Mary of Scranton
Mary Ann and John Blackledge(photo above)    Mary Ann Mulroy Blackledge [sp:2] (b. 7-26-1873) and John Joseph Blackledge [2] (b. 9-15-1863), taken in Scranton, PA, c. 1900.   
Roy Blackledge
Roy BlackledgeLeroy John Blackledge [20] ("Uncle Roy" to Thomas L. Blackledge [73]),  (b. 5-22-1895, died 11-17-1922).  This picture is estimated to have been taken in Scranton, PA about 1921, at age 26.
Young Denny - 1 Young Denny - 2
Young Denny BlackledgeTwo childhood photos of Dennis Francis Blackledge [25] (b. 3-17-1909, died 4-1987) taken in Scranton, PA c. 1912 and 1916, at ages 3 and 7 years.  The originals of all these photos are in the possession of his son Thomas L. "Roy" Blackledge [73] of Scranton.

Marg, John Joseph Blackledge, young Henry Black Jr.  3 at Reunion with Gerald
St. Vincent's Church gathering [photo at left]:  Margaret "Marg" Brennan Nealon [61] (b.11-7-27), John Joseph  Blackledge II [2] (b. 9-15-1863), and young Henry F. Black Jr. [71] (b.7-31-38, d. 1-23-67).   Photo (courtesy Daniel King) is from 1942 or 1943 at St. Vincents Church, Scranton, PA,  probably at a May festival.   
At  Blackledge Reunion
:  [color photo at right]:  Joseph Gerald Blackledge [26] (b. 9-9-11),  Mae R (Maryann) Blackledge Black [24] (b. 5-17-05 and Dennis Francis Blackledge [25] (b. 3-17-09) at a Blackledge Family reunion in 1972 in Scranton, PA.
Mary Cox and John King
Mary Cox and John King Mary Elizabeth Cox [55] and John King, circa 1990.  Photo courtesy their grandson, Daniel Michael King. 

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