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Providing a look at some submitted photos that did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."  Note:  descendant numbers from the Second Edition [Sept 2011 database] for Chapter 5 have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

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Cyrus Blackledge -1868
Cyrus Blackledge familyThis photo shows Cyrus [757] and spouse Josephine McLaughlin, abt 1869 with their two children, Laura [1610] and James Patterson Blackledge [1611].  Laura (probably at right) is the older of the two; it is estimated the picture was taken in 1869 since James was born in July 1868.  The compilers think the family moved from Ohio to Missouri abt Jan 1870.
Robert & Eugenia (Thomas) Blackledge
Robert Blackledge familyThis photo shows Robert and Eugenia with all nine of their children who lived to maturity and married.  Date is unknown, however Zue died in 1928, and thus photo is thought to be c. 1920, prob at the family farm in OH.  (seated in front, L to R):  King Blackledge [2450], Robert Blackledge [1431], Eugenia Thomas Blackledge [sp:1431], Frank Blackledge [2452].  (standing in back, L to R):  Eleanor Blackledge Mark [2453], Art Blackledge [2451], Elizabeth [Blackledge] Gay [2447], Sherm Blackledge [2449], "Zue" Missouri Blackledge Huddleston [2448], Cliff Blackledge [2446], Phebe Blackledge Pifer [2454].  
Bruce, Cousin Patti, John, Tomi, ZacMary Ann & Tomi
Thanksgiving 2006, OR(photo at left, L to R):  Bruce Blackledge [4111], 6th cousin Patti Blackledge Blide [3208], John Alden Blackledge [4112], Tomi Blackledge [5592], son Nicholas Cousineau [6985].  (photo at right, L to R):  Mary Ann (Ryza) Blackledge [sp:4112] with daughter Tomi [5592].
Todd with tarantula
The Two Todds:  We have two Todd Alan Blackledges in Chapter 5, both well recognized within their fields.  At left is the arachnologist [5593]; at right is [will be] the football analyst [6739]. 
william Cloutier Blacklidge visits Grants PassThe Blacklidge House 1890
Two Lines Visit (left to right)  Visit between William's and Phillip's descendancy lines.  John Alden Blackledge [5:4112] and spouse Mary Ann (Ryza) are visited by William Cloutier "Bill" Blacklidge [4:2650] and spouse Vickie (Harris) in Grants Pass, OR, Oct 2012.   Bill and his wife Vickie were returning from a visit to Southern California to visit their daughter and grandson as well as for a memorial service for his mother.   The Blacklidge House(photo at right)  photo provided via Bill Blacklidge of the B & B in Metamora Ind. that William Gordon  Blacklidge [4:211] built.  Letica ("Lettie") was William Gordon Blacklidge's  daughter.[4:551].  This photo will eventually be displayed on a Chapter 4 Photo Page.

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