Photos – Chapter 5:  William Blackledge and Descendants

Providing a look at some submitted photos that did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."  Note:  descendant numbers from the Second Edition for Chapter 5 [Sept 2011 database] have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

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Susan Crispen -07Susan Crispen - tombstone

Susan Crispen - 16
Susan Crispen:  [top]:  Four direct generations.  [Left to right}:  Emma Zetta Blackledge [472];  Etta Susan Brown [1133] with baby Maurine Virginia Sloan [2139]; (and) Susan Crispen [sp:150]; taken in Missouri in 1909.  [bottom]:  gravestone of Susan Crispen [sp: 150] in Evergreen Cemetery, Cameron, MO:  "1828-1918;" photo taken by Ernest Thompson in 2003.
Susan Crispen:   Susan was the spouse of Joseph Blackledge [150] and the mother of thirteen children, including Emma Zetta and Anna (shown below).  Photo taken in Cameron, MO around 1890.
Emma Zetta BlackledgeJacob Brown
Anna Jerrome (nee BLACKLEDGE)
Emma Zetta and spouse Jacob:  Emma Zetta Blackledge [472] with spouse Jacob Steelesmith Brown, DeKalb Co, MO about 1883.  Emma is the older sister of Anna, shown at right.

Anna Blackledge [477] with spouse Louis Jerome and their son Nelson Jerome [1177]; taken in OK about 1900.
Sylvester PickeringEmily Jane Blackledge & Sylvester Pickering
Pickering-Blackledge:    (photo at Left ): Sylvester Pickering [1159], IN, c. 1895 (Emily Jane Blackledge's first born at about 22 years of age).  (at right, L to R):  Emily Jane Blackledge [468] with grandson Seth [2233] and husband Seth S. Pickering (b. 1839); Cameron, MO, c. 1905. Four Direct Generations:  (Left to right ): Emma Zetta Blackledge [472]; Etta Susan Brown [1167]; Ernest B. Thompson III [3471]; Maurine Virginia Sloan [2239].   (compare with earlier 4 generations photo top, left of this page)
John StantonVerna Williams
Evelyn Ruth SCOTT
John Stanton Blackledge(photo at left):  John Stanton Blackledge [473] c. 1920 in California(at right):  John Stanton's wife Verna Williams

Mom + 2 kids in '54:   Evelyn Ruth SCOTT (Lancaster) [2251] (in back) with her children Sylvia [3495] and Arthur Lancaster [3496].  Photo dated Oct 1954.  
Roy Sloan on 50thSloan on right - 50th anniversary
Etta Susan Brown

50th Anniversary for Mr. and Mrs. George Roy Sloan; 50th Wedding Anniversary: George Roy is at left, Etta Susan Brown [1167] is at right.  1955, Cameron, MO.  (Etta is the first born of Emma Zetta Blackledge [472] shown in photo at top of page.)


Etta Susan Brown and sisters:  Back row:  Etta Susan Brown [1167] and sister Eulah Brown [1172].  Middle row:  sisters Ruth Alice Brown [1171] and Neva Rose Brown [1173].  Etta's daughter shown at bottom:  Maurine Virginia Sloan [2239], b. 1908.  In DeKalb Co, MO, 1912.

Brown siblingsRoy Chester Brown
Orval B and Lulu (small)Frank Coe - c 1900
Young Brown Siblings:   [Left]:   Roy Chester Brown [1168], b. 1886, and Etta Susan Brown  [1167]; Cameron, MO about 1892.    [right]: at Cameron Missouri Centennial, 1955:  [L to R]: Roy Chester Brown [1168], Arthur Burton Brown [2240] b. 1919, George Roy Sloan [sp:1167] - see clean shaven George Roy at top - Ernest Thompson reminds us:  "1955 was the Bicentennial of Cameron MIssouri,  and many of the men in the town grew beards just for the celebration."   Photos courtesy Ernest Thompson.

Orval & Lulu:  (left, really small):  Orval Blackledge [1150] and Lulu (Luetta), Los Angeles, CA, abt 1925. They were married in Dec 1924. Or is this Orval's second wife, Lulu Rheimerr SCHNEIDER?   (right)  Frank Coe  [1165] OK, abt 1900 (b. about 1874).  Franklin's mother was sister of Emma Zetta B.
Ernest B. Thompson family R. Sterling Hollaway family
Ernest B. Thompson family(standing, L to R):  Ernest B. Thompson III [3471]; Virginia Rita Boland [sp:3247]; Jane Marie Schuster [sp:3472]; Roy Sloan Thompson [3472].  (sitting, L to R): Maurine Virginia Sloan [2239]; Evan Sloan Thompson [4493]; Lisa Marie Thompson [4492]; Ernest B. Thompson Jr. [sp:2239]; Virginia Ann Thompson [3473].  Bethany, MO, Christmas 1970

R. Sterling Holloway siblings and cousins(front, L to R): Gary Harness [3503] (b. 1953), Jerry Crow [3498], Cheryl Harness [3502]; (back L to R): Sterling Holloway [3499], Betty Ruth Croy [3497], James Holloway [3500].  Nov 1954, MO. 
Ernest B. Thompson as boyOlivia Jane Dolorier
Ernest B. Thompson & Colin Powell
Ernest Thompson family:  [from L to R]: Virginia Rita Boland, son Ernest B. Thompson IV [4904], and Ernest B. Thompson III  [3471] on cruise in Baltic Sea near Russia, 1996Photo courtesy Ernest B. Thompson III.
(photo at right):  Olivia Jane Dolorier [6270] (Berkeley, CA, 1995)
On the General's Estate: Gen. Colin Powell (at left) with Ernest B. Thompson III [3471] on the Mount Vernon estate of Geo. Washington; 2000
Above photos provided by Ernest B. Thompson III on two CDs with identification information, in 2004.

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