Photos – Chapter 6:  Zachariah Blackledge and Descendants

Photos that did not appear in First Edition of "Blackledges in America."  Descendant numbers from the Second Edition for Chapter 6 have been inserted in the photo captions to provide "Blackledges in America" identification references.

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The following three photos submitted by Kim Blackledge Smith [4631]
Thomas Edward Blackledge with his 4 sonsHonor Guard in Korea
Thomas and Sons:  Thomas Edward Blackledge [1487] in the late 1950s with his four sons in front, (L to R):  Horace [2931], Chuck [2934], Wayne [2933], and James Isaac [2932].  Honor Guard in Korea:  James Isaac Blackledge [2932] on duty in Korea as 7th Position Honor Guard. 
James Isaac with beer in Korea
On Bivouac:  James Isaac Blackledge [2932] at right with bottle of Schlitz and friend in Korea. 
Lora Adelle Blackledge Hilton, age 90
90th Birthday:   In Feb 2004, the two sons (Gene [4538] and Gregg [4539]) of Lora Adelle Blackledge (Hilton) [1936] joined forces in Lexington, SC to host a 90th birthday party for their mother.  (photo from article in the Laurel Leader-Call on-line, Feb 2004).

The following photos were supplied by Lanelle M. Welch [2563] in July 2004
Grandpaw and Grandmaw blackledge
Rich and NancyThis photo is thought by Lanelle Welch to be Richmond Lewis Blackledge [41] and his wife Nancy Nelson.  Date and place unknown. 
1-Harvey and Lizzie
Harley and Lizzie:   Harley A. Welch [453] with wife Elizabeth “Lizzie” Mayo Welch.   They were married Oct. 19, 1913 in Winnsboro, Franklin Parish, Crowville, LA.
2-Laura and Earl2-Laura and Earl, view 2
Laura and EarlEarl Lee Welch Sr. [454] with wife Laura Blanche Massey Welch.  Uncle Lee was the second son of John Ira Welch & wife GeorgeAnn [or Georgian [147]] Blackledge Welch.   They married 18 Dec 1921, in Epps, Louisiana.  The story goes that they met at a country dance. "Back then there was not much for people to do except work, come home and work. The community had a dance and Uncle Lee took aliken to her right of.  They didn’t date long and they married."  [Laura would have been 14 years old at time of marriage.]    
3-John and Callie5-Zeak and Florence
John and Callie(photo at left): John Richmond “Rich” Welch Sr. [455] with wife Callie Lee Davis Welch.   Rich was the third son of John Ira Welch and GeorgeAnn [aka Georgian [147]] Blackledge.  They married 31 Jan 1924 in Franklin Parish, Winnsboro, Crowville, Louisiana.   (photo at right)Zeak and FlorenceZeak [or Zeke, Ezekiel] and Florence [Olivia] Blackledge Davis [148] outside their home in Petal, MS, on 4 Nov 1948.           
Ione and LanelleLanelle with parents Ione and father
Lanelle with parents(photo at left)    Ione Lang Welch with her daughter (in black) Lanelle M. Welch [2563].       (photo at right)Lanelle Welch, [2563] standing behind her parents:  Ione Lang Welch and John Richmond “Bud” Welch Jr. [1255].   Both photos  taken at East Union Baptist Church, Magnolia, MS. c. 2000 for the Church Directory.

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