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"Our Members Never Leave, They Just Read Away ... "

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April Meeting in Albuquerque Journal
publicity hounds:  Blackledge, Gilbert, Genoni, Easterling

Founded in April 1993 by the wayward yet highly literate descendant of Russian immigrants, LTBC is a collection of mildly mature males meeting monthly within the confines of Bernalillo County, New Mexico, USA, with rare Field Trips to the outside world.  Our first 25 years is documented in our Club Tome:  Fair Condition, Some Pages Missing as available on-line and in select libraries.

Our founder suggested we select and judge our reading material based on five criteria:  universality; insight; use of language; appeal to emotions; content.  Our founder is no longer with us and today we judge the quality of the book based on the size of the dessert portion at risk.

We are the proud guardians of The Streak.  We are the keepers of The List.   We are the Last Thursday Book Club.

Our current book selections are available to you for each calendar year.  If you are interested in membership in the LTBC please contact any member in good standing, or the webmaster mike@blackledge.com.

Revised in early A.D. 2013 and now available to the general public - the list of Top 300+ Books as selected not by some elitist "Modern Library" committee, but by the arguably semi-objective Last Thursday Book Club.
Quite a literary dilemma ... so who ya gonna believe:  Bennett Cerf's kid or a bunch of shamelessly self-promoting mostly-retired yahoos from the Rio Grande valley?
{Hint on how to answer the rhetorial question:  we also feature non-fiction, non-English authors, and non-20th Century novels in our list ...}  

Fair Condition 2018


Books On The Coffeetable:  A collection of other people's recommendations and thus better than most we know about.


1]  The LTBC is one of only two book clubs honored with an inscribed rock at the base of
the Children's Peace Memorial currently located in Santa Fe, New Mexico -
although we are not officially on record as being supportive of peace.   Or children.
The Memorial can be viewed at the  Plaza Resola,
401 Old Taos Highway, Santa Fe, New Mexico (505.982.8539).

2]  The LTBC is the proud guardian of The Streak.  Our own Thomas C. Genoni
holds the unofficial national Book Club record of maintaining perfect attendance:  all Last Thursday Book Club meetings, starting from the founding meeting of April 1993 down to June 2003:  10 years plus two meetings.  This includes all Field Trips,1 all summer meetings, and even on one heralded occasion necessitated his returning from the East Coast memorial services for his mother-in-law to keep The Streak alive.  The fact that he sometimes watches NASCAR, women's billiards, and poker events and never actually completed the reading of Magister Ludi bears no relevance on his otherwise unblemished attendance record.

3]  The LTBC is one of a select 100 book clubs featured in
The Book Club CookBook
now being expanded in a Second Edition for your reading and eating pleasure.  
We have donated most of our royalties from this work to The Children's Peace Memorial.

1The Credentials Committee has determined that the abortive field trip to Taos New Mexico in October 2000 did not constitute an actual Book Club meeting in that (allegedly) only one member participated.

  Ganong-FDR  Bousek FDR

LTBC Officers for Calendar Year 2021 anno domini

Founder & Former Northern New Mexico Trip Director:    John Beresky, R.I.P.
Poet Laureate:   Keith Gilbert
as viewed below:  Old Members Never Fade, They Just Read Away -
Nancy, Don, Mike, Bonnie:  August 2010
Old Members Never Fade

Our Once and Future Pulp Fiction Filter:  Ben Smith - we love him yet
Our Once and Future Profanity Philter:  Don Benoist - we honor him still

Our Once and Futture Trivia Expert:  Joel Nash - we miss him forever

Our Once and Future Market Operator:  Dick Arms - we remain in awe

Our Photographer for Fair Condition:  Ron Bousek - you brought the light

Political Correctness Monitor:  Tom Genoni
Plot Contrivance Sensor:  Mike Blackledge
Chapter Analyst:  Jack Ferrell
Database Administrator:  Karl Irons
California Research & Investment Director:  Ken Gillen

2020 Rookie Bookmark, Fading Humanist Branch:  Peter Eller
2020 Rookie Bookmark. Placitas Branch:  Jeff Fleming

Wisconsin and Northern Minnesota Climatologist:   Don Tubesing
Former Chief Recruiting Officer (CRO):   Gary Ganong
Amanuensis:  Bob Simon

LTBC Home Page last updated 26 October 2021