Last Thursday Book Club Our recommendation for comparing books, new and used, as to availability, cost, shipping.
Fetch Book.Info
A second search site for comparing new and used book prices.
Books A Million For $5 you become a Millionaire Member for a year, which entitles you to an extra 10% discount.  Orders over $25 ship free 
Rio Grande Valley Library Albuquerque's primary on-line catalog to determine availability of books in the system, links to other libraries, and to request library additions.  If you are a library member, any book can be requested, held on-line, or sent to your local branch.

LTBC:  Top 100 Books Each of these books has been read (sometimes to completion) by many members of LTBC, and grading (and therefore order) has been determined by the time-proven "control the b-b-b-bastuds dessert portion" methodology. 
Modern Library: 100 Best Novels Also lists the Readers Poll for the 100 best novels in the English language published since 1900, an ill-advised 3-month poll in 1998.  But amazing that some excellent novels made both lists!
Pulitizer Prize:  Past 80 years Beautiful site but not a good list: done by years, so you have to wade through all the prizes for Journalism, editorials, lighting ...
Literary Society of San Diego Eleanor Yang's clever friends and colleagues:  some of the more entertaining reviews, and always good reading selections.  (this link no longer valid)
The Un-Named Book Club Ian Golder's well constructed collection of books and reviews, several of which track the LTBC collection. 

LTBC:  former great quotes & mottos LTBC:  former schedule (CY 2000)
LTBC:  best of the best


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