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2020:  now we have the vision: 100 years ago, in 1920, men's book clubs began.  No choice:  Prohibition had begun plus women got the vote.
Main Street quote

100 years ago:  Sinclair Lewis published Main Street.  Can we read that today?  Look here.  

Meeting Date Host Selection  Notes

30 January  2020

  Dick Jensen
7120 Hawthorn Ave NE

From Tramway, go West on Paseo, then North on Wyoming.  You'll do fine..  

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek
I selected for January immediately after reading The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson. It's the story of a librarian who travels by mule to take books to people in the backwoods of Kentucky in the 1930s.  It's an extremely powerful book. There are 5 copies in the library and paperback books are readily available.

Lunch prior to  Meeting

11:30 am at The Placitas Cafe
221 Hiway 165

27 February  2020

Jack Ferrell

Meeting at 1 pm
17 Sunset Blvd
Placitas, NM

I-25 Exit 242
East on NM 165

Right at the 5-mile marker onto Tunnel Springs Road.
Right onto Quail Meadow Road (first street on right - 0.2 mile)
Right onto Leah Lane (first street on right-0.4 mile)
HARD right onto Sunset Blvd
(100 yards)
17 Sunset Blvd is the third house on the left.   
The North Water by Ian McGuire

To bring a little light to a dark schedule, I have chosen a dark work of fiction by Ian McGuire

scene: the North Water
our first Fake Virtual Meeting

[results are here]

 March 2020


   Bob Woods

Academy at Tramway

11921 Caribou Ave., NE

From Academy and Tramway,
go WEST on Academy for 3 blocks,
then take a RIGHT (North) onto Antelope Run which deadends into Caribou.
House is in front of you, a little to the left.

Lost Horizon (1933) James Hilton
A classic 1933 novel, turned into a classic 1937 movie by Frank Capra.  The origin of Shangra-La, a fictional utopian lamasery located high in the mountains of Tibet.  

Currently $0.99 cents for Kindle download!  Shangra-La, Baby!
    The entire book can also be read on-line (yes, for free!) at this link.   Plenty of used copies on-line; only one 'real' copy in the ABC Library system, but several e-books, plus an audio book or two.

11 am
on Zoom
30 April 2020

[see email from host]

Ron Bousek

  701 Loma Linda Pl SE
between Carlisle and Washington, take
Montclaire south

 Born A Crime by Trevor Noah  

Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah
16 copies in library, but they are mostly all out in February.  Lots of used copies for about 9 bucks on Amazon. Order now! Kindle version for $14.

Note: this will be an 11 am Zoom

  28 May 2020

Jack Ferrell will handle the Zoom; Dick J. will host.

Dick Jensen

7120 Hawthorn Ave NE

From Tramway, go West on Paseo, then North on Wyoming.  
Better yet, just find a WiFi location.  You'll be fine.

Butcher's Crossing by John Williams
Butcher's Crossing by John Williams--it's a superb book built on the theme of buffalo hunting in the Old West. Williams was a professor at the University of Missouri. He wrote three superb books--and a fourth that he disowned.

The book is on Kindle and used copies are easily found. There is not a copy in the library so I will buy an extra copy and give it to Keith.

Note: this will be a 2 pm Zoom
  25 June 2020

Ken Gillen


331 White Oaks Dr. NE

(From Tramway and Live Oak Rd [one block N. of Paseo del Norte], go EAST 0.6 mi on Live Oak, then SOUTH 0.3 mi on White Oaks Dr. to last house on right.  Intersection of WhiteOaks and Paintbrush. Pay no attention to most of the house numbers.)

The Spy and The Traitor

My choice for June is "The Spy and the Traitor, The Greatest Espionage Story of the Cold War" by Ben Macintyre.  There are at least 3 copies available at the Library and I think Libraries open in the next day or so.  There are many used copies available on line from Amazon, etc.
Note: this will be a Zoom
30 July 2020

2 pm MDT

Easterling (505-379-9683
115 N. Capital St.
Guthrie, OK 73044

(Directions:  From Albuquerque, take I-40 East approx. 550 miles to the intersection with I-35 in Oklahoma City.  Drive North on I-35 to the Guthrie exit to OK Hwy 33.  Drive West on 33  to the intersection with Capital (sometimes spelled Capitol) St.  Turn left to the above address.)

Speak, Memory by Nabokov 
Peanuts quote
Note: this will be a Zoom
27 August 2020

2 pm MDT

Charlie Palmer 

(cell:  263-4586) 

1506 Park Ave SW

From I-25, go West on Central or Lomas; then South on 14th St.  
Cross Central, continue 2 or 3 blocks, then turn right onto Park (1st stop sign).

News of the World by Paullette Jiles
News of the World - back cover
Social Distancing Meeting

2 pm

24 September 2020

Keith Gilbert


Meeting to be held at New Mexico War Memorial
(Louisiana & Gibson SE)

 Dimaggio - the Last American Knight
No copies in the ABC Library System;'
however you can check out a copy for one hour at a time at

This will now be a Zoom meeting, still held at:

1 pm


  29 October 2020

Bob Simon

1415 Park Ave SW


From I-40, go South on 

Rio Grande Blvd, then left (East) on Central; 

then South on 14th St.  
Continue 2 or 3 blocks, then turn RIGHT onto Park  (first stop sign)  


one might chose to turn on 15th St. at the bank building and go two blocks on the left side or three blocks on the right side to the corner of Park.  My house will be on the corner on your left.

Educated by Tara Westover 
This will now be a Zoom meeting, held at:
2 pm

19 November 2020
[Thursday BEFORE Thanksgiving]

Mike Blackledge   (294-6030)
14321 Stalgren Ct NE

(from Tramway & Copper, go East 5 blocks [counting on right], then right on Parkside, immediate left onto Stalgren Ct.)

White Guilt by Shelby Steele

White Privilege T-shirt

This will be a Zoom meeting on:


17 December 2020

2 pm

Karl  Irons

50 Canyon Ridge Dr.
Sandia Park, NM

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

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