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Every Memory A  Story  
Anecdotes and Images
Capturing Family History

ISBN 978-0-9722704-5-8
 Available to the public as of
30 Nov 2023
  8.5" x 11", 394 pgs, soft cover, $27.00

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15 Nov 2023.

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Sandra-CD"The CD" Back by Popular Demand!

Blackledges In America
(Second Edition)

A Genealogy of Blackledge/Blacklidge Descendants with Roots in
the United States of America
ISBN  978-0-9722704-1-0

This CD contains all 3,300 pages of the three-volume Second Edition in PDF Format,
plus bonus photo material not in the book.  
A "Read-Me" PDF file explains how to use, read, search the material.

The price of the CD has not changed, and additional CDs sent to the same addess in the same order are 25% off.

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    Blackledge Stories  
… and other BS

Anecdotes and Images from the Extended Family of Lewis H. Blackledge of Red Cloud, Nebraska. Compiled and Fact-Checked by  
Michael A Blackledge

What makes a family unique?  It’s the lives they live and the stories they tell.  From Annapolis to Thailand, this collection of family anecdotes, images, lessons, and relationships will inspire, surprise, and delight.  Presented within the categories of Childhood Memories, Family Stories, War Stories, Passions and Pursuits, Writings and Essays, and that dreaded family area for avoidance:  Religion and Politics. 

Open the book anywhere -
you will discover a fascinating story.

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