The following family history/genealogical products are available to the public:

  • "Fair Condition, Some Pages Missing"  - a collection of memoirs, images, poetry, and a few obituaries to commemorate 25 years of The Last Thursday Book Club of Albuquerque, NM. 

To order, email,  Subject:  Fair Condition to obtain this book now for $20 to include shipping.  

  • Pre-publication order for "Blackledge Stories" (expected publication 2019)  

A compilation of anecdotes, stories, and images relating to the descendants of Lewis H. Blackledge of Red Cloud, Nebraska.  Draft Table of Contents available. Pre-order now.  Click here to download the pre-publication order form (PDF file).  

  •  Book on CD:  "Blackledges in America" (Second Edition)  (ISBN 978-0-9722704-1-0)  
    3,420 pages plus bonus photos.  $20 per CD.  Description and ordering information on this Form (PDF file)

  •  One only: Printer's Proof in 3-ring Binder:  "Blackledges in America" (First Edition)
         Final draft, 1 unbound copy in binder, 950 pages 'as is':  $20 + $8 S&H by media mail.  
         Email the Editor regarding this item:, Subject:  Printer's Proof Copy

Donation to Rushville Public Library:
Donation to Rushville Public Library
    The photo above by Kate Thurston of the Rushville Republican shows members of the Blacklidge/ Blackledge family donating the three volume hardcopy set of "Blackledges in America" to the Rushville (Indiana) Public Library on 9 Oct 2014.  The full story can be read here.  Shown from left to right are:  Marilyn Alexander Forsythe, Nancy Alexander Craig, David W. Blackledge (of Carlisle, PA),  Judy Alexander Bechtold, Carolyn Alexander Trump and Sue Otte, library director of the Rushville Public Library.  The books will be available to the public for research only in the Indiana room of the library.  
Index to the Second Edition
    The Index to Blackledges in America consists of 238 pages of triple column entries, providing page numbers for the more than 7,000 unique surnames in the Second Edition, from AAMODT through ZYZNOWSKI.

    To assist researchers in determining if their ancestors are included, a PDF file of the Index (the same Index file as on the CD) is provided here.  

     The primary surnames in the book are, of course, BLACKLEDGE and BLACKLIDGE.   Additionally, there are more than 100 entries each for CLARK, DAVIS, HALEY, HODGE, HOLIFIELD, JACKSON, JONES, MILLER, NELSON, RHYASON, SELLERS, SMITH, WALLACE, and WALTERS.  (WALTERS could be considered another primary surname, with more than 300 entries).  


Comments on the Second Edition in Hard Copy:
    “Blackledges in America”, Second Edition, Hard Copy version (ISBN 978-0-9722704-2-7), was published as a special limited edition (32 sets).  Anundsen Publications, Decorah, IA, printed the pages and Roswell Bookbinding, Phoenix, AZ, completed the binding process (Navy Blue Buckram, gold stamping, 3 volumes). The size of the Second Edition is 3,420 pages, and the hard copy publication consist of three volumes of 1,140 pages each.  The publication includes 20 color pages.  Comments by recipients:  
  I received the books yesterday and a cursory look into them is just amazing.  Having the c.d. didn't really tell the whole story - how much new information we added, and I was only involved with one section.  Great job.  The books look great.  Now, I just have to re-enforce a bookshelf to hold all this weight!  Thanks for your work on this.
     -  Charma Owens
         Apollo Beach, Florida

  Mike, just received the books. Looking forward to sitting down and enjoying them. Thanks again for all your hard work. Please pass my sincere thanks to the others involved in putting this major undertaking together. You all have done something special and should be very proud of it.

Second Edition  Five years ago I didn't know anything about my roots. My father was the only Blacklidge in that generation that ever married and I was his only son so I didn't even have any first cousins or any other distant relatives that I knew of other than grandparents and an aunt or two. Once I found your web site and got your first edition I was able to realize how far the Blackidge's went back. It was very eye opening and I appreciated understanding some of my geneaology. Knowing that there were Blacklidge's who accounted for many fine things in their lives was good. Thanks again,
      -  Bill Blacklidge
         Lynden, Washington

Got the books today, they are awesome (and HUGE). thanks for doing this for us!!!
         -  T. N. Taylor
           Vine Grove, Kentucky

The books are gorgeous!
Älta Christopher
               Frisco, Texas

  My new budget does not take effect until October 1.  Is there any way possible you could hold on to one of them for me?  This is all 3 volumes for $250 + $15 = $265 for the entire set?


Susan Blakeney, Genealogist

Laurel-Jones County Library System, Inc.

530 Commerce Street

Laurel, MS  39440

Library of Congress

By November 2014, all sets of the 2nd Edition hard copy version were distributed.  The 2nd Edition hard copy version is available to researchers at six libraries in the United States:
Library of Congress Washington, D.C.  (Jefferson Bldg)
Rushville Public Library 3rd and Morgan Streets, Rushville, IN   (Indiana Room)
Laurel-Jones County Library 530 Commerce Street, Laurel, MS
Allen County Public Library 6600 E State Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN
Family History Library 35 NW Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah
The Newberry 60 W Walton St, Chicago, IL
The Newberry

Second Edition available on CD
Eleven years in the making!  Blackledge Books began shipping Blackledges in America, Second Edition (ISBN 978-0-9722704-1-0) in July 2013.  This version is on CD to enhance availability.  This Second Edition far surpasses the First Edition (published in Nov 2002) in number of descendants, facts and events, embedded photographs, and sheer size:  the First Edition was 950 pages, and the Second Edition is 3420 pages.  This large book is available as PDF files on a Compact Disc (CD), allowing zoom viewing, color images, and full text search on your home computer.

Ordering information is available on this Form (PDF file)

   If you are ordering more than one CD, please indicate your discount price on the order form for multiple CDs shipped to the same address in the US:

  • one CD:  $20 (shipping and handling included)
  • second and subsequent CDs:  $15 for each additional (sent to same  address)

Sandra - CD
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Blackledge/Blacklidge surname
Blackledges in America:   From the late 1620s arrival of John Blackleach in Boston to the present, Blackledges and their descendants have participated in every major facet of American history.  Blackledges served in local militias protecting the expanding colonial settlements, fought in the War for Independence, War of 1812, on both sides of the Civil War, and in every 20th century call to arms.  The Nation’s westward expansion can be traced by examining the lives of individuals representing the various roots and branches of Blackledge family trees. 

   Today there are some 1200 Blackledge and 150 Blacklidge families in the United States alone, found in forty-six different states and the District of Columbia, in addition to those found in Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and scattered elsewhere throughout the world.  The trades and professions represented run the gamut from doctors, educators, clergymen, appointed and elected officials, judges and lawyers, farmers and ranchers, industrialists and small-businessmen, tradesmen and craftsmen to the new vocations meeting the needs of this rapidly changing technological and electronic era.
James M. and Phoebe J. Blacklidge
Blackledges in America Blackledge Book:   In 1996, three long-time researchers of the Blackledge/Blacklidge surname met in Gathersburg, MD and agreed to take on the challenge of combining their individual genealogical research, requesting the assistance of other contributors and family members, and ultimately publishing the resulting collection in a hard copy format available to all.  Six years later, they accomplished this goal.

First Edition (2002)The resulting book Blackledges in America (ISBN 0-9722704-0-X ) is a genealogy of Blackledge/Blacklidge descendants with family roots in the United States of America.  This First Edition was the most extensive genealogy and history ever of the Blackledge/Blacklidge family in the USA.  The book represented over 30 years of research captured in 900 pages:  some 9000 descendants, most with genealogical narratives.  First Editions were available from 2002 through 2011.

  This work represented the compilers’ collaboration with numerous contributors, both genealogists and descendants.  The reader will find bibliographical notations throughout to support and authenticate the research.  The work includes derivation of the name and English roots to include Blythe Hall – the John Blackleach ancestral home.  Numerous family stories of interest have been provided by descendants.
Library PlacementsTo make this genealogical information available to as many as possible, the compilers placed a copy of the (First Edition) book in many of the nation's leading genealogical libraries, to include the Family History Center in Salt Lake City, UT, the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, IN, the Mid-Continent Library in Springfield, MI, the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., and (with many Blackledges residing in Mississippi) the Laurel/Jones County Public Library in Laurel, MS.  A complete list of libraries holding a copy of the book is found here.

  Many researchers requested their own copy of this "Blackledge Book" (as
Blackledges in America is referred to within the community).  The compilers published some 260 copies and genealogists purchased most of them.  Libraries hold other copies.  After March 2011, no additional copies of this First Edition were available.  No additional printings of the First Edition will occur.  Within two years after the distribution of the First Editions, the compilers commenced work on a Second Edition to incorporate additions and corrections.
Map - Genealogy Libraries
  Second Edition (2013)The Second Edition of Blackledges in America (ISBN 978-0-9722704-1-0) was published July 2013 as a collection of Portable Document Format (PDF) files on Compact Disc (CD).   In 2014,  32 hard copy versions were created and distributed.  The Second Edition adds over 4000 descendants to those listed in the First Edition, and is more than 3000 pages, tripling the page count of the First Edition.  The Second Edition includes many of the photos displayed on these Photo Pages.

   CDs are still available. To obtain the CD version, please print, complete, and mail this Order Form (PDF file).  The compilers have appreciated your support and your assistance in bringing about this ambitious project.  
Blackledge DNA Projectjust swab the inside of your cheek:  This world-wide group established under  is for those desiring to supplement their  Family Tree DNA genealogy research with a simple DNA test for the surname Blackledge, Blacklidge, or Blackleach, in order to overcome seemingly insurmountable brick walls.  For the goals of our DNA test, we prefer males to be tested, however anyone can become a member of the project. The goal is to link some English Blackledge families with Blackledges in America.  DNA testing is easy, a simple swab on the inside of the cheek and mail it in for your results.  However, you do not have to participate in DNA testing to be a member. This project was launched on 25 Oct 2010, and descendants are encouraged to join.   Click here for the web site for the Blackledge surname project.

DNA links Phillip Blacklidg to Zachariah Blackledge lineage  New

The Blackledge/Blacklidge/ Blackleach Project was established on   We currently have seven (7) members of this Project.

In "Blackledges in America," a genealogy of 'all' Blackledge descendants in the United States, we have three large chapters: Chapter 4 has Phillip Blacklidg as progenitor and Chapter 6 has Zachariah Blackledge as progenitor.  In mid-2012, one of our project members received results of his y-DNA tests indicating that South Carolina's 1st Zachariah Blackledge was, indeed, the son of Phillip Blacklidge, thus linking the two lines of Chapter 4 and Chapter 6.  This is exciting news!  We will reference this in the 2nd Edition, however we will not combine the two chapters, as more research is required.

DNA Challenge:  We request and encourage more male descendants of Phillip and Zachariah to take the y-DNA 37-marker test (or if you can afford it, the 67-marker test) at Family Tree DNA and join the Blackledge surname project in order to validate this finding. web page last updated on 12 September 2018                                             To home page of Editor, "Blackledges in America"
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