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Reader Comments for Blackledges in America  (2nd Edition)
                I received the books yesterday and a cursory look into them is just amazing.  Having the c.d. didn't really tell the whole story - how much new information we added, and I was only involved with one section.  Great job.  The books look great.  Now, I just have to re-enforce a bookshelf to hold all this weight!  Thanks for your work on this.
     -  Charma Owens
         Apollo Beach, Florida

  Mike, just received the books. Looking forward to sitting down and enjoying them. Thanks again for all your hard work. Please pass my sincere thanks to the others involved in putting this major undertaking together. You all have done something special and should be very proud of it.

   Five years ago I didn't know anything about my roots. My father was the only Blacklidge in that generation that ever married and I was his only son so I didn't even have any first cousins or any other distant relatives that I knew of other than grandparents and an aunt or two. Once I found your web site and got your first edition I was able to realize how far the Blackidge's went back. It was very eye opening and I appreciated understanding some of my genealogy. Knowing that there were Blacklidge's who accounted for many fine things in their lives was good. Thanks again,

      -  Bill Blacklidge
         Lynden, Washington

Got the books today, they are awesome (and HUGE). thanks for doing this for us!!!
         -  T. N. Taylor
           Vine Grove, Kentucky

Reader Comments for Blackledge Stories

It is the family stories, those fables passed down from the old to the young, that reveal a family’s flavor—sweet or tart, sour or acidic. Michael Allan Blackledge has compiled generations of valorous and amusing family stories in the book Blackledge Stories for us to delight in.

- Louise Farmer Smith, author of The Woman Without A Voice

“Blackledge Stories” goes beyond the genealogical events, recounting adventures of both recently departed and current clan members.  Well written and well told, it will hold your interest as they share intimate details in their lives with mirth, pathos, excitement, tragedy and triumph.

                 -  Richard W. Blide, author of Alien Threat and Heartfelt

 Genealogy is enhanced by memoirs, and Mike presents a collection of warm, sensitive, and often humorous family tales in his Blackledge Stories.  One can usually find numerous facts about one’s ancestors and relatives, but personal stories make those persons human and real instead of just names in one’s family line. That makes preserving family history truly a memorable experience.   
Mary Ann Ryza Blackledge, co-author of Blackledges in America

While this book is bound to entertain present and future generations of Blackledges, it also should spur all readers to record the stories that make their family members unique – not mere names, places and dates in a family tree.
David W. Blackledge, co-author of Blackledges in America

Comments updated as of 5 December 2020