The Last Thursday Book Club
Reading Adventure in Pagosa Springs, CO
October 1995


So young then!  Blackledge, Gilbert, Genoni, Beresky. 
October 1995 found the LTBC on the road - traveling north to Pagosa Springs, CO, for our meeting hosted by Keith Gilbert at his cabin.  Members were encouraged to smoke cigars, drink wine, and talk books.  It don't get any better than this.

Nestled up against the banks of the San Juan River, the cabin stands on the original main street of Pagosa Springs - before the great mud slide of 1910 changed the landscape and the commerce patterns. 

Beresky went out early to fish, and returned announcing that LTBC must re-read 'A River Runs Through It.'


Beresky, Easterling;   seated: Genoni
Rob brought his mountain bike and convinced us all to hike the mountain behind the cabin.  We recovered with food and drink - and Mozart CDs to accompany our reading selection.

And so it was with a fond farewell that we packed our mules and bid adieu to the mountain life, the hot spring spas, the lovely Brunhilde - and once again departed for the rigors of city life.  Sure, we wanted to stay, but there are more books out there, and it's our job to find 'em - and read 'em.


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