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 100 Years Pulitzer
Celebrating the Centennial of the Pulitzer Prize!  
And for Poetry:  Anthem for Doomed Youth
Meeting Date Host Selection  Notes
26 January  2017
Dick Jensen
7120 Hawthorn Avenue, NE

From I-25 & Alameda: 
Go East on Alameda  0.7 miles.  Turn left (North) at the 4-way stop at Louisiana.  Go 0.5 miles (3rd street) to Florence.  Turn right.  Go 0.1 mile to Palm Yucca.  Turn right.  Go 0.1 mile.   Palm Yucca dead ends at Hawthorn.  Turn right.  7120 is the 4th house on the left.

From Tramway:  Go West on Paseo, then North on Wyoming.  Look for Blue Cypress about 1 mile north of Alameda (it is called Glendale to the right, Blue Cypress and the entrance to the housing development to the left.)
Take an immediate left onto Automn which curves around to the East and becomes Hawthorn.  A mile or so gets you to 7120.
Go Set a Watchman  I have chosen Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman for January's book.  It should be out in paperback by then.  My wife and I both think it is a better book than has been portrayed in many reviews and it will cause some interesting discussion--I don't think it's as good as To Kill a Mockingbird but few books are.
Hardcopy:  278 pages.  Our ABC Library System  in January 2016 has 75 copies plus 13 more in Large Print!  Plus ebooks, audio books on CD.

Goodreads rating:  3.3/5.0

Afternoon Gathering Thursday 
23 February  2017

2 pm!

yes, 2 pm!

The February meeting will take place at my house on 23 February at 2:00 pm during daylight hours to make it easier to find mi casa in the foothills of the Sandias.
Jack Ferrell

17 Sunset Blvd
Placitas, NM
I-25 Exit 242

East on NM 165.

Right at the 5-mile marker onto Tunnel Springs Road.
Right onto Quail Meadow Road (first street on right - 0.2 mile)
Right onto Leah Lane (first street on right-0.4 mile)
HARD right onto Sunset Blvd
(100 yards)
17 Sunset Blvd is the second drive/house on the left after the
 "Private Drive--No Turn Around" sign (approximately 200 yards).
The Sympathizer   I have chosen The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen as my selection for 2017.  This past year I have spent some time reflecting on the American and my own personal experiences with Vietnam.  I am hoping this novel will provide some additional insight for us.  Besides 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the Pulitzer Prize and Nguyen is the 2016 prize winner.

371 pages in hardback, 384 in paperback.  Our ABC Library has 16 copies, plus ebook.  Kindle for $7.02; $7.39 in paperback.

author Viet Thanh Nguyen

30 March 2017

  Bob Woods

Academy at Tramway

11921 Caribou Ave., NE

From Academy and Tramway,
go WEST on Academy for 3 blocks,
then take a RIGHT (North) onto Antelope Run which deadends into Caribou.
House is in front of you, a little to the left.
My Old Man and the Sea

One that our ex-Navy or small boat fans will like is: “My Old Man And the Sea’  by David Hays.

Afternoon Gathering

12 noon
Il Vicino
(Nob Hill)

2 pm
27 April 2017

Ron Bousek

  701 Loma Linda Pl SE
between Carlisle and Washington, take
Montclaire south

 the shape of water - first in the series
Amici miei--

The Shape of Water

by Andrea Camilleri  (Author), Stephen Sartarelli (Translator), 
5cy in library, Kindle, used books

The Shape of Water is the first book in the sly, witty, and engaging Inspector Montalbano mystery series with its sardonic take on Sicilian life. Silvio Lupanello, a big-shot in Vigāta, is found dead in his car. The car happens to be parked in a part of town used by prostitutes and drug dealers, and as the news of his death spreads, the rumors begin. Enter Inspector Salvo Montalbano, Vigāta's most respected detective. With his characteristic mix of humor, cynicism, compassion, and love of good food, Montalbano battles against the powerful and corrupt who are determined to block his path to the real killer. 


  25 May 2017

Charlie Palmer (cell:  263-4586) 

1506 Park Ave SW

From I-25, go West on Central or Lomas; then South on 14th St.  
Cross Central, continue 2 or 3 blocks, then turn right onto Park (1st stop sign).

Hillbilly Elegy

Only exists in hardcopy at this time.. 54 copies in our ABC library but over 200 holds!  Used copies on-line start at $8.50 to include shipping.  Amazon:  $15..
  29 June 2017

Ken Gillen


331 White Oaks Dr. NE

(From Tramway and Live Oak Rd [one block N. of Paseo del Norte], go EAST 0.6 mi on Live Oak, then SOUTH 0.3 mi on White Oaks Dr. to last house on right.  Intersection of WhiteOaks and Paintbrush. Pay noattention to most of the house numbers.)

Deep Down Dark 2

Deep Down Dark
Afternoon Gathering


27 July 2017

12:30 pm
Lunch @ Greenside Cafe, Cedar Crest

2 pm
Discussion & Dessert @ Easterling abode

Greenside Cafe
12165 NM-14, Cedar Crest

Rob Easterling (286-8796) 
East Mountains: 51 Avenida del Sol,
Cedar Crest, NM 87008
Take N14  4.5 mi. N of I-40
(exit 175, Cedar Crest).
Turn Left into Ventana del Sol subdivision.
 keypad instructions.
 In the late 1970s, Stephen Bodio, a Boston-based writer, amateur naturalist, and falconer, happened into Magdalena, New Mexico, on the way somewhere else. He never left. With an assortment of birds, dogs, snakes, and books, he took up residence in a ramshackle two-story house along US 60 and set out to live in the way of country people. "Querencia"--the Zen-like Spanish term means something like the tiny pocket of one's inner life where one is truly at home--details a decade of life there.

Stephen Bodio

31 August 2017

Tom Genoni  (292-4985)
1616 Catron SE

(Take The Road into 4-Hills, turn right at the Y onto Stagecoach, left at the 4-way stop sign onto Cuatro Cerros, 2nd right onto Bernalillo, then 1st left onto Catron.  About half-way down Catron, 1616 house is on the right.)

Hidden Figures by Shetterby
Hidden Figures
September 2017
Keith Gilbert

 (265-8122) or (250-0991)
From Wyoming, go West on Zuni to Carlisle;
Go South on Carlisle until the median disappears;
(or changes drastically);
Go East;
Keith is on this street, on the North side.

 Code Talker by Chester Nez
Five copies in Albuquerque Library System

USMC Code Talkers badge

Be sure and obtain the book by Chester Nez
  26 October 2017
 Dick Arms

800 Wagon Train SE

Four Hills  
Take the Road into
4-Hills, turn right at the Y onto Stagecoach.

You will come to a 3-way Stop sign. Dick's house
is at the top of the hill following, at corner of Toro
and Wagon Train. (Stagecoach becomes Wagon Train
as you "go around the corner"

  Song of the Sirens This is the final selection.  Paperback, 318 pages.

Few men have lived a life of such challenge and adventure as Ernest K. Gann. Most of all, this is the story of Gann's most beloved vessels, his seventeen sirens, from the beautiful 117-ton brigantine Albatros to the incredible Butterfly - hardly more than a raft with patchwork sails - and the diminutive and flawless Thetis, who could charm even porpoises out of the sea. Filled with moments of both drama and reflective calm, Gann's ode to his seventeen sirens reveals the true romantic within every sailor.
[5th] Thursday: 
30 November 2017
[Thursday AFTER Thanksgiving]

Bob Simon

1415 Park Ave SW


From I-40, go South on Rio Grande Blvd, then left (East) on Central; then South on 14th St.  

Continue 2 or 3 blocks, then turn RIGHT onto Park  (first stop sign)  


one might chose to turn on 15th St. at the bank building and go two blocks on the left side or three blocks on the right side to the corner of Park.  My house will be on the corner on your left.

Dharma Bums

kerouac quote

the awareness associated with zen meditation and writings of Jack Kerouac
28 December 2017

noon:  meet for lunch at The Canyon Club

2 pm:
Book Discussion
at Stalgren

Mike Blackledge   (294-6030)
14321 Stalgren Ct NE

(from Tramway & Copper, go East 5 blocks [counting on right], then right on Parkside, immediate left onto Stalgren Ct.)

Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton is a highly readable and entertaining tour de force, however 700 pages is too much for a monthly Book Club, let alone a December selection.  Thus our discussion area will address pages 54 through 189.  This should provide a basic understanding of the man, his enemies, and his energy.  Following that, read what you can.  I'd suggest:  
   Chapter Thirteen:   Publius    
   Chapter Fourteen:   Putting the Machine in Motion
   Chapter Fifteen:  Villainous Business
   Chapter Sixteen:  Dr. Pangloss
    Chapter Twenty-seven:   Sugar Plums and Toys
    Chapter Twenty-eight:  Spare Cassius

The book is available at Costco for $12;  I suggest you will want to have it in your permanent library.  If you want to borrow a library copy, our ABC Library System [in Oct 2016] has 15 copies, with 18 holds on the first returned.  Also available as an e-book.  

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