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2012 Schedule  -  for the centennial of the State of New Mexico, as well as the birth of Nigel Dennis [Cards of Identity], E.R. Braithwaite [To Sir, With Love], and M.H. Abrams [The Mirror and the Lamp].  Also of  Dale Evans {"Happy Trails"} and Mary McCarthy [The Group].  So much to read.  So much to sing.  So much to celebrate.

 "Life not death is the greatest adventure." 

Meeting Date Host Selection
26 January  2012
Dick Jensen
7120 Hawthorn Avenue, NE
From I-25 & Alameda: 
Go East on Alameda .7 miles.  Turn left (North) at the 4-way stop at Louisiana.  Go 0.5 miles (3rd street) to Florence.  Turn right.  Go 0.1 mile to Palm Yucca.  Turn right.  Go 0.1 mile.   Palm Yucca dead ends at Hawthorn.  Turn right.  7120 is the 4th house on the left.
Caleb's Crossing
Caleb's Crossing: A Novel by Geraldine Brooks is a very popular book.  At the end of Sept 2011, there were 95 holds on 23 copies, and at the end of December this was down to 47 holds. You may want to check with and obtain a slightly used copy for $1. plus $4 shipping.
23 February  2012
Jack Ferrell

17 Sunset Blvd
Placitas, NM
I-25 Exit 242

East on NM 165.

Right at the 5-mile marker onto Tunnel Springs Road.
Right onto Quail Meadow Road (first street on right - 0.2 mile)
Right onto Leah Lane (first street on right-0.4 mile)
HARD right onto Sunset Blvd
(100 yards)
17 Sunset Blvd is the second drive/house on the left after the "Private Drive--No Turn Around" sign (approximately 200 yards).
Winesburg, Ohio
  Winesburg, Ohio (full title: Winesburg, Ohio: A Group of Tales of Ohio Small-Town Life) is a 1919 short story cycle by Sherwood Anderson (1876 - 1941).  The work is structured around the life of protagonist George Willard, from the time he was a child to his growing independence and ultimate abandonment of Winesburg as a young man. It is set in the fictional town of Winesburg, Ohio (not to be confused with the actual Winesburg) which is based loosely on the author's childhood memories of Clyde, Ohio.   There are six copies in our Library System: 4 'standard' and 2 large print.  It is FREE on the Kindle. 
"Life not death is the greatest adventure"Sherwood Anderson

29 March 2012

  Bob Woods

Academy at Tramway

11921 Caribou Ave., NE

From Academy and Tramway,
go WEST on Academy for 3 blocks,
then take a RIGHT (North) onto Antelope Run which deadends into Caribou.
House is in front of you,
a little to the left.
<>The Good Soldier
“The Good Soldier” by Ford Madox Ford (1915) is a late Victorian psychological novel, telling the same story from several different points of view.  It is one of my very favorite novels.  For me it explores the fact that it is impossible for one person to really understand another.  The mention of “soldier” is misleading.  This is not a war story   The good soldier is a very admirable soldier, but as a human being he is a complete loss.

There are 8 copies in our Library system, plus one book on cassette tape, and six DVDs of the movie.  Also one e-audiobook available on-line.  The Kindle version is FREE. 

Link to Ford Madox Ford biography and works.Ford Madox Ford

3 May 2012
(First Thursday meeting - at request of host)

  Ron Bousek

  701 Loma Linda Pl SE
between Carlisle and Washington, take
Montclaire south

Peace Like A River Peace like a River by Leif Enger has eight (8) copies in our Library System.

Isaiah 66:12

  31 May 2012

Ken Gillen


331 White Oaks Dr. NE

(From Tramway and Live Oak Rd [one block N. of Paseo del Norte], go EAST 0.6 mi on Live Oak, then SOUTH 0.3 mi on White Oaks Dr. to last house on right.  Intersection of WhiteOaks and Paintbrush. Pay no attention to most of the house numbers.)

Isabel Wilkerson and book

The library has 12 copies; as of 30 Mar 2012, there were 14holds on first returned copy.  Library also has book on CD, and as an e-book.  Amazon sells the ebook version (Kindle) for $10, or new paperback for $9.25 (plus $3.99 for shipping)

   5 July 2012
Tom Genoni  (292-4985)
1616 Catron SE

(Take The Road into 4-Hills, turn right at the Y onto Stagecoach, left at the 4-way stop sign onto Cuatro Cerros, 2nd right onto Bernalillo, then 1st left onto Catron.  About half-way down Catron, 1616 house is on the right.)
The Heart is a Lonely HunterCarson McCullers

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter is the debut 1940 novel by American author Carson McCullersIt is about a deaf man named John Singer and the people he encounters in a 1930s mill town in Georgia.  Our library has 19 copies, no waiting.

26 July 2012

Rob Easterling (286-8796) 
East Mountains: 51 Avenida del Sol,
Cedar Crest, NM 87008
Take N14  4.5 mi. N of I-40
(exit 175, Cedar Crest).

Turn Left into Ventana del Sol subdivision.

 keypad instructions.
Right Ho, Jeeves
Right Ho, Jeeves is a novel by P. G. Wodehouse, the second full-length novel featuring the popular characters Jeeves and Bertie Wooster,  after Thank you, Jeeves.

Wodehouse was one of the writers most-admired by Christopher Hitchens.  Hitchens wrote, "His attention to language, his near faultless ability to come up with names that are at once ludicrous and credible, and the intricacy of his plotting are imperishable" (The Atlantic Magazine, Nov., 2004). 
There are 7 copies in our Library system and it may be included in some of the Wodehouse collected-works in the library.  Available free on-line here in many formats.  Also check with  or  Copies for your e-book [e.g.,  Nook or Kindle]  available at $0.99
30 August 2012

Charlie Palmer (243-4962) 

1506 Park Ave SW

From I-25, go West on Central or Lomas; then South on 14th St.  
Cross Central, continue 2 or 3 blocks, then turn right onto Park (1st stop sign).

  The Loved One    Evelyn Waugh in 1930
The Loved One  -- a wicked, wicked satire about Hollywood and the American Way of Death. It's short, about 160 pages; maybe it should count for only 0.5 books in the annual census.  Many copies available at Amazon for $0.01 + $3.99 shipping.

If you read the book, you have to see the movie adaptation.  The 1965 film was billed as "the motion picture with something to offend everyone."  Written by Terry Southern (Dr. Strangelove, Easy Rider), directed by Tony Richardson (Tom Jones), featuring Rod Steiger, Liberace, James Coburn, Johnathan Winters (playing two roles), Tab Hunter, Milton Berle, Robert Morse, John Gielgud, Dana Andrews, and Roddy McDowall, among others.

"What is youth except a man or woman before it is fit to be seen?"        - Evelyn Waugh  
27 September 2012
Keith Gilbert

 (265-8122) or (250-0991)

913 Parkland Circle SE

From Wyoming, go West on Zuni to Carlisle;
Go South on Carlisle until the median disappears;
(or changes drastically);
Go East;
Keith is on this street, on the North side.

 The Art of Fielding with Chad

"At Westish College, a small school on the shore of Lake Michigan, baseball star Henry Skrimshander seems destined for big-league stardom. But when a routine throw goes disastrously off course, the fates of five people are upended."

For extra credit, be prepared to list the 23 ways in which a player can be out in baseball. 
This is a popular book, published May 1, 2011 so the paperback will be available @ $10.19 from Amazon starting in May, 2012. 

 (Our electronic library system must get out of whack during a holiday weekend, as on 3 Sept 2012 there were 5 holds on the first returned of 17 copies in our Library system - yet the system shows four books on the shelf, including one at Lomas Tramway branch.)

  25 October 2012
 Joel Nash


7508 Dellwood
Road NE

Between Candelaria
and Comanche

go West off
2nd house from
south side.

No Country For Old Men
.Not everyone is suited to this line of work. The prospect of outsized profit leads people to exaggerate their own capabilities. In their minds. They pretend to themselves that they are in control of events where perhaps they are not. And it is always one’s stance upon uncertain ground that invites the attentions of one’s enemies. Or discourages it. (p. 253)

Cormac and Coen Bros, 2007

Please Note Meeting is now on the LAST Thursday: 
29 November 2012
[Thursday after Thanksgiving]

Bob Simon

1415 Park Ave SW  (246-8136)

From I-25, go West on Central or Lomas; then South on 14th St.  
Cross Central, continue 2 or 3 blocks, then turn left onto Park (1st stop sign)
Parking available just to the East at Washington Middle School, 12th & Park

Three Empires on the Nile
Three Empires on the Nile.
Dominic Green
A fascinating view of Egypt in the 1800's that documents the Persian Empire and the British Empire's struggle over control of Egypt as Egypt was struggling to become a modern nation.  The book traces the origins of the current Islamic Jihad movement.

There are three (3) copies available in our local Library System.

[3rd] Thursday 
20 December 2012

Mike Blackledge   (294-6030)
14321 Stalgren Ct NE

(from Tramway & Copper, go East 5 blocks [counting on right], then right on Parkside, immediate left onto Stalgren Ct.)

The Tennis Partner
This book is recommended by Gary Ganong, who tells us:  "This is a profound book about friendship and the human soul. Verghese is a perceptive physician who has studied the human body and mind and is able to share his insights in beautiful prose. He has made many keen observations of the motivations and behavior of physicians and perhaps all professionals. ...  A friend described this story as very sad. That may be true but the writing is spare and clear and the author has described the meaning of friendship with extraordinary feeling.

Paperback, 352 pages
Published October 1st 1999 by Harper Perennial
Our library system only has three copies of this book; however, it is available via for  $9.52.  Not available on Kindle or as an e-book.

Abraham Verghese

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