Photos:  Hirsch Cousins

Providing a look at photos collected from the Hirsch Family.  

This is the fourth photo page, featuring family of Eugenia "Gina/Genia/Jean" Hirsch (Nelson), the eldest child of Frederic H. Hirsch.   The numbers in the captions refer to the descendancy numbers from the genealogical narrative report.   For other Hirsch Family information, see:     Hirsch Cousins  Index

Paul & Genelia ("gena/Jean") Nelson
[Photo above]:  Paul Nelson and Eugenia (Gena/Jean) HIrsch  [2]   Eugenia was the first child of Fred and Ella Hirsch.
Bryce and Judhy DorauJudy, Carol Jaris
Judy is the first-born child of Eugenia and Paul Nelson.  [Photo af left above]:  Bryce & Judy Dorau [Photo right]:  Judy, Carole, Jaris   
Judy, Carole, Jaris, Brad
[Photo above]:  Judy, Carole, Jaris, Brad (c. 2006) represent the four children of Eugenia and Paul:  Judy, Ron, Doug, and Brad.
Ron & Carole NelsonRon & Carol more recent
(photo at left): Ron & Carole Nelson.  Ron was the second child of Eugenia & Paul Nelson, and died in Oct 2004 in Mt. Prospect, IL.   (photo at right):  Ron & Carole Nelson - they had two sons, Mark and Mathew (see below photos). 
Mark, Becky, Carole, Matt NelsonMark, Becky, Abby, Luke, Carole Nelson
(photo at left): Sons of Ron & Carole Nelson.  Mark with wife Becky; Carole Nelson; Matt.  (photo at right): Mark Nelson family.  Mark, Becky, Abby, Luke, Carole Nelson.
Family of Lori NelsonSam, Kyle, Megan
[Photo at left]:   Jaris (Keiser) Nelson, in the center wearing yellow, was the wife of Doug Nelson, Eugenia's third child.  Behind her from left to right is her middle child, Steve Nelson [45] with wife Beth; youngest child, David Nelson [46] with wife Jill; and Lori Nelson [44], Jaris' oldest child.   [Photo at right]:   Jaris (Keiser) Nelson in the center again, here with grandchildren (left to right):  Sam Nelson (David's son),  and Kyle and Megan (Steve's children).
The Steve Nelson family
The Steve Nelson family:   Beth, Kyle, Megan, Steve Nelson [45].
Brad NelsonBrad Nelson with kids Allen & Julie
[Photo at left]:   Brad Nelson [4th & youngest child of Eugenia ];  [photo at right]:   Allen Nelson [47]; Julie Nelson [48]; with their father Brad Nelson [15].
with Grandma Hirschat Xmas dinner with Dad - BradBrad & Allen
[Photo at left]:   Allen Hirsch and father Brad Hirsch with Ellen Kealy Hirsch (Grammy Hirsch)    [photo at cener]:   Christmas gathering with [left to right] Allen, Heather (oldest daughter), Jon (youngest son), Brad, Sara (youngest daughter), Lauriel with husband Nick (oldest son).    [photo at right]:   Brad and son Allen at Christmas 2009, Brad's last Christmas.

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